Web3 Technology: Why Businesses Should Embrace Web3 Marketing in 2022

The Web3 technology buzz has proven not to be a flash as there has been no dissipation since its introduction. Therefore, more people are coming to understand that Web3 is on the way to becoming the mainstay of the economy.

With all this potential in sight, people are trooping in, thereby making it a great and lucrative space for businesses.

Key Takeaways

In the last, various models of the economy have influenced business. We are experiencing the shift from web2 to Web3 and all it entails. Certainly, this shift will switch things up for businesses and their mode of operation and marketing.

Thankfully, all perceived and experienced aspects of the switch are profitable to producers and consumers. As such, businesses should pick up Web3 technology marketing strategies without delay.

What is Web3 Technology

As much as it is beneficial for businesses to head into this path, they shouldn’t do so blindly. The first step should be properly understanding the key concept and its technology. Web3 is an improved version of the internet that eliminates previous boundaries and grants us access where it was lacking.

Web3 is built on blockchain technology; therefore, its most prominent feature is decentralization. This development has led to a new era of advancement and birthed structures such as Decentralized applications (Dapps) and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

The very system on which it runs uses decentralized ledger technology, which stores data publicly on-chain. This storage medium holds information, including transactional data, documents, and files.

The decentralization policy leads to the eradication of data control by big tech companies, thereby eliminating them. Information privacy is assured with these capitalists subdued and power redirected to the user who now controls their data.

The importance of privacy control is many. For example, businesses can now establish a more personal and secure relationship directly with their consumers rather than through data brokers. In addition, the absence of targeted ads delivers a more enjoyable interactive experience for users.

What’s More?

With data privacy on the ledger technology, you can store proof of ownership and other valuables with the assurance that no one can tamper with them. There is no need for a central server as data is stored across many devices in Web3 technology. Since documents are encoded and strictly guarded, the risk of data theft is low.

Web3 technology is so large that it supports a lot of developments. It’s almost impossible to talk about Web3 without referencing tokenization, which is the digitization of assets.

Tokenization can be viewed in terms of cryptocurrency, which are fungible tokens. They serve as a digital currency and are the power backbone of decentralized finance, which springs web3.

Tokenization also presents NFTs, which are like treasure chests on the web. The beauty of web3 is that everything is sort of linked. So, NFTs lead us to 3D imaging and graphics.

The three-dimensional view is the core of the Web3 environment used to relay sites, services, and more. However, web3.0 is flexible and can be tailored to suit individual needs and has thus given us a new world to enjoy via VR and AR plus AI- Metaverse.

The influence Web3 exerts is overwhelming and encompassing. Therefore, it introduces businesses and brands to a large data space with extensive resources. Let’s have a more in-depth look at what it holds for businesses.

Why Should Businesses Embrace Web3 Marketing?

Web3 technology

With the concise background on Web3 technology, you must have seen that Web3 is the future we live in. It is also productive and has successfully pulled the crowd of humanity. First, however, brands must align with their consumers and customers in pursuing a winning streak.

And, in 2022, Web3 is where the customers are. Yes, even though it isn’t in full bloom yet, people are ditching web2 to hop onto the next big thing and even fighting for early bird spots. At this point, any brand that isn’t pursuing Web3 marketing is lagging.

It is a fact that businesses do need to communicate with their customers. What better way to gain their attention than move to the center of the crowd. By harnessing Web3 technology, businesses can communicate with consumers effectively.

An example is a 3D website with smooth interaction and engagement that features automated bots. These AI bots have better comprehension and can give fast, prompt responses to queries.

It Gets Even More Interesting

With Web3, companies can build communities of loyal consumers who become supporters and families rooting for them. You can get earnest reviews and ideas for improvement with an active, loyal community. These communities also create an atmosphere for users and creators to share value and benefit mutually.

Accepting Web3 marketing technology by businesses presents the opportunity to leverage a world of Defi. Businesses can receive straight payment for services with stable coins not subject to fluctuation. Also, with the elimination of centralized financial institutions, there is no tax on what brands earn.

Now, with dominance over finances, businesses can give back to their communities more enrichingly. For example, distribution of Free NFTs via airdrops. In addition, such activity increases the business ledger as it incentivizes community members for patronage.

NFTs have a strong role in Web3 marketing as they power the metaverse. Businesses can tap into this by using NFTs to advertise virtual copies of goods before they hit the market. This act will account for product awareness reaching a large target audience in the metaverse.

The transparency, security, and lack of data breaches in Web3 will build more trust between consumers and manufacturers. And these are only a few reasons companies should incorporate Web3 marketing tactics in 2022. Doing this can either be via a personalized Web3 marketing team or an established Web3 marketing agency.

Whichever way, Web3 technology is a banger that won’t fade away. It has ascertained dominance and is the trailblazer to better days.


Web3 is the growing democratization of new stores of value for exchange that is taking over the universe. However, to grasp a foothold of relevance, businesses must employ semantic web technology. Marketing lies on the internet, and the internet’s future is etched in the blockchain.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you now have a better understanding of Web3? Or do you have any questions? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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