Instagram Verification: Top Benefits of getting Verified on IG

Many people, mainly social media personalities, aim to get their accounts verified on Instagram. Verification badges were originally put into someone’s account to prove that their account is a real account. Also, to help people find the real accounts of celebrities and public figures. As the use of Instagram rises (especially for famous people and businesses), many scammers are using it to create fake accounts that they use to spread fake news and sometimes get people’s personal information.

verified instagram accounts


Verification badges are indeed a great way to keep yourself safe on Social Media. But as time goes by, they become a symbol— a symbol for fame, influence, and authority. We also think that when we see a verified account, we automatically assume that it is someone famous.


For these reasons, most of us think there’s something special about having a verification badge on our profiles or getting our accounts verified. While it is true, there’s still more to learn about what a verified Instagram account can do for you.


Things that are Only Available for Verified Instagram Accounts


Helps you easily connect with your audience

If you have a verification badge, it will be easier for your fans, audience, and supporters to find you. Why?

It is because verified accounts are prioritized on the search results. To add, it would be easier to know that they are interacting with your real account as well (considering that some Instagram accounts are possibly fake).


Swipe up feature

Verified accounts are also privileged with the Swipe Up feature. The feature allows users to add their website to their IG stories and put a Swipe Up button to invite their audience. It is one of IG’s special tools that brands will surely love.


Builds trust

Only 1% of Instagram users are verified meaning that Instagram had a very strict decision process whether or not to verify the account. They consider your account’s activities, followers, relevance, and more to let people know that it is worth it to follow you.



A verified Instagram account cannot transfer ownership or modify its purpose

One of the best things you can enjoy with your verified account is that it allows you to be unique and special. Since verified badges aren’t transferable, it gives your audience the ability to see your distinction from other IG accounts. It makes your account special and reliable since it undergoes a thorough verification process.


Early Access to New Tools

Aside from the already existing tools available for verified accounts we’ve mentioned above, the Meta team will surely launch new Instagram tools to help you grow your audiences, so brace yourself for that!

Verifying your Instagram account might take time and hard work but with the special privileges you’d get after, it’s safe to say that getting your account verified is worth it.


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