Facebook Verification: Benefits of being Verified on Facebook

We all get to see the white checkmark in a blue badge on most social media, especially on Facebook. And that is called the “verified badge.” But, what exactly is special with verified Facebook accounts? Read on to find out.


A verified badge will appear on our Facebook profiles and names once Facebook verifies our account. The verification badge serves as proof of a Facebook page or profile’s authenticity.


With the number of people creating fan and poser accounts, this verification badge helps us determine if we are interacting with a real account. And aside from that, there are also things only verified Facebook accounts could do!


This article will give you a list of features and functionalities available only for verified Facebook accounts.


Things that are Only Available for Verified Facebook Accounts

verified Facebook accounts


1. A verified page or profile cannot transfer ownership or modify its purpose

One of the best things you can enjoy with your verified account is security. Since a verified Facebook page or profile cannot transfer ownership or modify its purpose, you can guarantee that your account is secured.


Facebook will still allow you to do minor modifications, but you have to note this:

“Facebook name, category, and bio updates are reviewed before they’re posted.” On top of that, if you wish to transfer ownership, you may lose your badge.


2. Verified profiles are prioritized in search results

Your profile appears first when people try to look for profiles or pages in your category with a verified badge. It helps your target audience find you easily while ensuring that they are interacting with your real account.


3. Facebook’s local alerts feature.

This feature is currently available only to local government, public health agencies, and first responder pages in the US and selected cities in Australia. Its goal is to help the government maintain a safe community. And this is one of Facebook’s features that only verified accounts could use.

If your Facebook account or profile is verified as government, state/local emergency response agency, state/local public health agency, or state/local law enforcement, you are eligible to access Facebook’s local alerts feature.



4. Access to branded content tool

Indeed, account verification allows you to do more with your Facebook page and profile. Aside from safety and security functionalities, verified Facebook profiles and pages can also access the Branded Content Tool.

Brand Content Tools is one of the monetization tools by Facebook which allows you to create posts that feature third-party sponsors, brands, or products. This feature allows you to collaborate with brands and even earn income by featuring them on your page.


5. Early Access to New Tools

Aside from the existing tools available for verified accounts mentioned above, Facebook will indeed launch new tools to help you grow your audiences, so brace yourself for that!

Having your profile or pages verified by Facebook can indeed make a huge difference in how you handle and grow your audiences. It gives you access to tools that are not available to regular Facebook users helping you grow faster on Social Media. We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about verified Facebook accounts.


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