Twitter audit: How to conduct a Twitter audit to improve your brand’s presence

Many Twitter accounts have thousands of followers, but are they performing up to expectation? That should be the question on the mind of growth-inclined brands. You can get the ideal answer to your curiosity with a Twitter audit. It is necessary to be sure that your marketing strategy generates desired results.

Brands are leveraging the high networking impact of Twitter to reach a large audience in contemporary times. Twitter can boast of a significant number of active users on the platform. That makes it understandable why businesses switch to the platform to increase their brand awareness.

If your brand is growing on the platform, employing Twitter audit tools can reveal its performance. You must ascertain that your tweets align with your brand’s objectives. We designed this guide to help you improve your brand’s online presence.

Key Takeaway

A Twitter audit is a complete overview of a Twitter account conducted to assess a profile’s effectiveness. It generates insight into how a brand performs and ways to improve its marketing strategy. Twitter audit reports show a brand’s weaknesses and strengths within a short time. Experts recommended that brands should audit their profiles quarterly.

Twitter Audit – Meaning

For a better understanding, view a Twitter audit as checking for the healthiness of a brand’s profile. It involves assessing your profile tweets to ensure that it correlates with your social media marketing strategy. It helps to know if your brand is gaining real followers. Also, you will find out if the people that engage in your tweets are your targeted audience.

A Twitter audit evaluates a Twitter profile to determine its performance. An assessment can be conducted under 30 minutes. It can help you strategize to place your organization in a desirable position in your industry.

A standard practice of Twitter audit is a quarterly assessment of a Twitter profile. That will keep you informed and identify issues preventing the account growth. The key metrics in the Twitter audit report for tweets include traffic, engagements, and response time.

Why your Profile Needs a Twitter Audit?

The significant purpose of conducting a Twitter audit is to detect irregularities in your brand’s profile. It assesses your account performance by examining your profile analytics. It also reviews your tweets, audience, and engagement to see if there is a positive correlation between them.

Assessing your profile gives you a better understating of your audience and what they want. Your Twitter audit score is an indicator of your profile status. Based on that, you can fine-tune your content marketing strategy to suit your audience preference.

The problems identified will induce you to take the necessary actions to ensure your account performs exceptionally well. Your reaction to the issues will also boost your online presence and brand’s growth.

How to Conduct a Twitter Audit

You can assess your Twitter account in a few steps. The process can be completed in a few minutes. It begins with:

  • Set Your Brand Goals  

Having a target makes it easier to generate an effective outcome. If you don’t define your auditing purpose, it won’t be easy to make the best of the Twitter audit report.

You can check if your audience is engaging with your tweets. In that case, your Twitter goal should be brand awareness and engagement. The outcome can serve as the basis for formulating a new technique to gain followers.

  • Assess your profile Thoroughly

Your profile speaks a lot about your brand. So, your assessment must begin from there. The first checkpoint when prospects want to connect with you is your profile.

A Twitter audit score shows your audience’s perception of your profile. It helps you to know if they really understand your value proposition. The three-component of profile auditing are Bio, Pinned Tweet, and profile image.

Go through each and make necessary adjustments to ensure that it represents your professionalism.

What’s More?

  • Audit your Twitter Audience

After reviewing your profile, evaluate your followers on the platform. It can be tricky when auditing your audience because of individual differences. For that reason, you must be extra careful with the process.

The auditing outcome can direct your path to develop a social media strategy that suits your audience preference. Accordingly, it sheds more light on your audience’s feelings about your brand.

You can rest assured that you are moving towards your goal.

  • Tweets’ Assessment

Your audience’s opinion about your brand means there is a need to audit your tweets. Assessing your content to see how they are performing is essential. Click on the Tweets tab from your Twitter analytics dashboard.

You will see all existing tweets and the time posted with each tweet coming with detailed performance information. The Twitter audit report will reveal each tweet’s activities, particularly engagements.

With the Twitter audit tools like Tweeps, you can monitor keywords and conversations. The analytics gives you insights into how you can improve your brand awareness.

Twitter Audit Tools Suitable for Account Assessment

Every Twitter profile has its data; the activity dashboard shows you everything you need to see. It ensures it keeps everything you do on the platform as records for future purposes. Since you have the data to analyze, we will suggest the ideal tools for auditing.

These are:

  • Tweepi – This analytical tool is famous for analyzing audience data. It is suitable for any brand that wants to adopt influencer marketing.
  • Followerwonk – Digital marketers are comfortable using this Twitter audit tool because of its efficiency. Its accuracy when filtering relevant data is top-notch.
  • TwitonomyThis is not your regular analytic tool for auditing. However, it provides you will detailed information to see your account performance.
  • KeyholeIf you are looking for in-depth reporting and advanced features, consider keyhole. They make tracking and monitoring seamless without neglecting building reports automatically.


With the insight we generate in this guide, you can conduct a Twitter audit successfully. Don’t forget that the goal you set will guide you to take the right steps to grow your brand. It is essential to see how your brand is performing if you want your audience to have a positive perception.

Finally, keep in mind that it is crucial to generate a Twitter audit report quarterly. That is not for anything but to identify problems and act according to develop your brand.

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