Social Shopping: Instagram, Facebook, and other Social Shopping avenues

Everyone loves to shop; lookout for new kinds of stuff and purchase them. However, some people might prefer to shop at the mall. Why not, though? Going to the mall allows you to wander about while picking things you love. But Social Shopping could also bring people a new experience when picking out new stuff.

One of the reasons people would love to shop at the mall is because they probably do not know what to buy. Going to the mall gives them a chance to choose. This experience is what social shopping platforms can potentially offer you.

Want to know more about social shopping? Or see how you can set up a shop on IG, Facebook, and other Social Shopping Apps? I have got you covered.


Key Takeaway

The fact of social commerce is not just about making sales and generating revenue. Although social media shops generate a lot of income, there are other aspects this strategy brings.  Social apps with this strategy make sure that users can purchase products without leaving the site. Eventually, this event builds trust between the platforms, sellers, and buyers.  So, it is a win-win situation for all parties.


What is Social Shopping?

This method of shopping has become a viral strategy. Social Shopping involves buying and selling digital and physical products via Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other platforms.


Social networks have created shops where users can promote and sell products. It also allows users to sell third-party products from other big companies and brands. With this feature, users can have a real-life shopping experience. That is because they can select different products from the catalog or shops.


There are various ways you can sell on social networks, but firstly, I will discuss how Facebook and Instagram shops work.



Instagram (IG) Shopping

Setting up an Instagram shop is possible for users with an IG business account. One fantastic attribute is that you can easily integrate this feature into your Facebook shop via the ‘Facebook Manager Page.’


Here is how Instagram shopping works; If you have a Facebook shop, it is easier to share shoppable content on your account. This content will appear on the news feed, where customers can click and purchase the products.


Also, you can create and set up an Instagram shop on your business profile. This feature allows you to sell products in many ways.


Marketers can share shoppable content and products on their business Instagram products.


Tagging the products in the videos, music, or pictures you share on stories will lead your customers to a shop.


People can directly purchase the products you tag without friction or navigating away from Instagram.


Alternatively, you create posts or ads of products you want to sell. Whichever way you choose to set up a shop on Instagram –there are many ways– selling products through this social network is an excellent experience.


Facebook Shopping

Facebook is another fantastic social shopping app. Since it is the parent app to Instagram, it is no surprise that they work similarly.


Before successfully shopping on Instagram, sometimes, you have to get some requirements on Facebook. However, Facebook has its setups, and it is something you must know.


Setting up a shop on this platform requires a Facebook page. But that is only the first step to the whole thing.


The most important aspect of this process is creating a shop. The few easy steps below will help you open a Facebook shop;


  • Go to the setting tabs on your Facebook
  • Select the Template and tabs option
  • Click on the edit button of your present Template
  • Select the ‘shopping’ option
  • Next, click on the ‘Shop’ tabs. You will be asked to fill in the details of your business. This information will carry what you sell, your location, and your payment system.
  • Click on the finish button. And your Facebook shop will be live.


With these few steps, you are set to receive customers to your shop. It is advisable to tag your products to your organic posts after setting up your shop.


So, the bottom line is that; Facebook and Instagram are the most common Social Shopping platforms. That may be because these Social Shopping apps are affiliated with each other. Also, most Facebook and Instagram users visit the app to get recommendations of products to buy.


However, other platforms play a huge role in social shopping today. And that is what we are going to discuss next.


Other Social Shopping Platforms

Setting up a shop on social media platforms does not stop at Facebook and IG. The emergence of Tik Tok has also made the platform a promising avenue for social shopping. Pinterest, Snapchat, or even Amazon live could be alternative platforms.


So, let’s briefly look at shopping on these social media platforms;


Tik Tok

Tik Tok has become the most visited site in 2022. That encourages a lot of shopping opportunities. Although they are other ways that generate revenue on the app, permission to set up a shop would be fascinating. But social shopping requires that you purchase a product without leaving the app. This feature is already functional in China and looking to spread to other countries.

Social Shopping tiktok


Pinterest is another app that can give users social shopping insight. This App is very famous in America, but it is accessible globally. Many Pinterest users visit the site to look for product recommendations. Pinterest’s feature of Products pins has helped search for products.


If a user clicks on a product image, they will get suggestions for other similar products. Here users can easily purchase products they like.



Snapchat recently launched a store that is Shopify powered. This feature allows users to buy products from the app. Another fantastic part that comes with this app is; Users can take a photo of a product with their phones, and the app can tell them where to purchase the item online. Isn’t that great? Shopping becomes easy, Right?


So far, I have discussed some of the fascinating features of social shopping. This medium mostly shows why users can get the same experience when wandering about in a shopping mall.


You get the luxury of picking a product even when you do not know what to buy.


How Lucrative Is The Social Shopping Business?

Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms for setting up social shops. That is because 72% of Instagram users make shopping decisions from the app. On the other hand,  23% of Facebook and Pinterest users visit this app to get shopping inspiration. Although the numbers are pretty lower for Snapchat and Twitter, social media seems to be a huge market for many users.


The revenue generated on social shopping is estimated to be $474.8 billion. And this amount shows how profitable setting up a shop on a popular social platform could be; the gains would be high up there.


Final Thoughts

Social Shopping is fast growing into the mainstream. It has emerged from Facebook and Instagram to other platforms. The social commerce/shops feature in Tik Tok makes it another exciting social shopping platform.


Although Facebook and Instagram shops seem popular, other social shopping apps are also good social commerce platforms.


So, if you were looking for a social shopping insight, I hope this article has given you enough information.


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