2022 Social Media Verification Requirements: What You Need to get Verified

People nowadays browse through social media to learn new knowledge on the brands and influencers they follow. One of the things they usually look after is the verification badge beside the profile name. Therefore, let’s take a look at some Social Media Verification Requirements.


So, what is a verification badge?


A verification badge is a symbol, usually a checkmark or a blue circle that is shown on the left or right side of your social media profile name and is used to make their profiles stand out from fake ones and dummy accounts. It is commonly seen in high-profiled celebrities, brands with a huge following, and government institutions and officials.


Unfortunately, these verification badges are not easy to get. In fact, it is hard-earned credibility and is given to those accounts with proven quality, trust, and reliability in the information they share online.


If you want to get the social media verification for your profile, these are the three aspects you should look at to increase your chances:



The social media app verification team needs to know that your account is a real person or business. Thus, building the trust between the user and the platform is the first factor that will (hopefully) get you the winning hand. Since the verification badge is used to note real accounts from fake ones, the legitimacy of your account lies in the ways you can prove it may be through business documents, identity cards, history of workmanship, and such.



Verification teams look at your activities within the account as well. If you are after the verification badge, you have to engage with your audience through liking, reacting, and commenting back on their comments. Regular content updates also count as an activity with quality information and attractive media.



Regular content updates don’t mean you need to post whatever you want every day. Keep in mind that there are still guidelines for content posting. The general idea here is that your content should be factual enough to be backed with reliable sources as needed; it should not degrade nor discriminate against anyone or anything in the platform and should never be involved in any unlawful acts. As a content creator, it is your responsibility to share valuable things on these social media platforms.



Many social media platforms offer a verification badge, and it comes in different formats and styles. The most common is the blue checkmark which is visible on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Also, some other forms follow the platform’s branding, like a yellow circle for Snapchat, a violet checkmark for Twitch, and a red checkmark for Pinterest.


The general requirement to have your account verified is to have the following information.


  • Identification Document of the Person or the Business (i.e. driver’s license, tax report, utility bill, etc)
  • Profile or Page Category (i.e. news/media, sports, government, etc)
  • Country/region of operation
  • Audience Profile (who is following your page)
  • External resources (press marketing, interviews, features, etc)
  • Certain number for followers/likes (depending on the platform)


– Facebook

 Social Media Verification Requirements: HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO GET VERIFIED ON SOCIAL MEDIA

Facebook is the most used platform with millions of users around the world. It is a built-in one site where users can share photos and videos. Users can also share short captions, live streaming, community groups, and even a marketplace for merchants.


The infamous blue checkmark can be yours by simply following their guidelines here.



– Instagram

Instagram is the most hailed platform for image and video content sharing. It is one of the platforms that people seek to get to know about their brands. People also get inspiration from the “instagrammable” ways of getting high engagement on their content.


Add that blue checkmark on your account by knowing their guidelines.




– YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing contents online where users engage by watching videos and shorts (YouTube’s version of Stories). Users also use this platform to conduct live streaming for webinars, gaming, and others.


If you want to get your YouTube Channel verified, watch this video




– Pinterest

 Social Media Verification Requirements: HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO GET VERIFIED ON SOCIAL MEDIA

Pinterest is an image-sharing platform where users publish pins and boards that serve as their profile homepages. Creators often use these pins and boards to get inspiration for the project they’re working on like art, interior, pattern, textile, DIY, smart hacks, etc.


Get your Pinterest account verified by reading this article




– Twitter


Twitter is a microblogging and social networking site. It also allows people to enjoy their freedom to get instant access to updates, provide bits of information, and share their personal updates. Furthermore, it is easy to consume the content of this platform as it is short and brief that’s why people can spend hours browsing through this website.


A Twitter Badge can get you credibility and you can get on here too.




– TikTok

 Social Media Verification Requirements: HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO GET VERIFIED ON SOCIAL MEDIA

One of the fast-emerging platforms since last year is TikTok where users also consume short and brief content but in video format. It is an endless relay of videos from different content creators that usually use trending music as their background and filters to use for their actual content.


Though there is no application process, here’s what you can do to get TikTok Verification.



Take advantage of the Social Media Verification tips that we have discussed in this article to get your profile verified with ease.



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