Step by Step Guide to Recover your Hacked Instagram Account 2022

Over the years, Instagram users have been losing their profiles to scammers. It is becoming alarming that people start looking for ways to recover hacked Instagram account. In fact, it feels so bad losing the account you spent years building to hackers. It can be annoying to lose the followers, photos, and videos you cherish so much.

The most frustrating part is that the hacker may even delete them for their selfish interest. Instagram takes account protection seriously, but hackers always have their tricks to bypass the security. The good news for you is that you can get back your hacked Instagram account.

This article will show you everything you to know to have your account back.


Key Takeaway

Hacked Instagram accounts are profiles taken over by overs for the reasons best known to them. A hacked Instagram account is recoverable by acting immediately. Users need to use strong passwords and set up 2-factor authentication to secure their accounts from hackers. A sign to know you can no longer access your Instagram account includes a sudden increase in activities. Intruders can also delete videos and images on your profile.


Signs Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked

For every individual that chooses to create an Instagram account, hackers hacking chances also increase. So, if an intruder gains access to your profile, how would you know? Someone who is not observant will not know until they can’t log in anymore.

Before it gets to not being able to log in, you can detect hackers’ presence when you notice the signs below:

  • There is an exponential increase in the number of Instagram users you follow.
  • You start seeing posts and updates that you didn’t initiate
  • Your message box shows you sent a lot of people messages (Investment scammers)
  • All photos and videos deleted from your profile without your consent
  • You no longer have access to the account.

We learned these common complaints from several users who lost their accounts to hackers. It is essential never to overlook suspicious activities on your account. Acting quickly can save you the headache of looking to recover a hacked Instagram account.


Can I Recover my Hacked Instagram Account?

You can still revive your account Instagram account. What comes first is discovering that an intruder is using your Instagram as soon as possible. Finding out late may cost you the account forever. When the hacker changes the key information you need to access the account, that will be the case.

Instagram makes it possible that everyone can have an account that represents them. Hackers, sometimes, capitalize on the number of followers you have for their selfish interests. Even users with insignificant followers fall victim to this unethical behavior.

Regardless of the number of followers you have, recovering your account may be impossible if you don’t find out early. Instagram cannot possibly help you if you don’t provide essential information to get your account back.


How to Recover Hacked Instagram Account

We cannot overemphasize the need to act very fast when you notice that an intruder is running your account. If you are one of those who lost their account, this is what you can do to get it back:


Contact Instagram Account as soon as Possible

The moment you notice suspicious activities on your account, report to Instagram immediately. No need to have a second thought before you do so because contemplation can make your account go for good.


By calling Instagram attention to it, they will review your account and prevent the hacker from using it.


Use your Email for Recovery

It is always good to have your Instagram account link to your email. It will be helpful if you want to get your account back from hackers. Instagram will notify you if there is an unusual login activity on your account.


It could be from a new device or a different location entirely. Request a new login link with your associated email address if you get the notification. Use the forgot password button for iPhone users or Get help signing in for Android users.


Add the email you want to receive the login link. Immediately you receive an email for password change, click it to go to the new password page. Make your new password difficult to hack, or use a password manager for that.


Hackers can go through the same process, but you have the privilege to stop the attempt. The “Revert this change” option comes with the email you will receive. So, click the button to restore your account.

Step by Step Guide to Recover your Hacked Instagram Account 2022

Can Hackers change my Email Address?

Yes, hackers can go to the extent of changing your email address. Cases like this make it difficult to recover your hacked Instagram account. Once all the details that refer to you are out of the picture, you won’t have any proof of ownership. That is another reason for you to act fast.

However, there is still something you can do to revive the account: Firstly, use the Instagram help page to complain. Make your reason clear that the hacker replaced all information that connects you to the account. State your recovery email and other email linked to the account in your complaint.

Also, provide your Instagram username and other information related to the account. If you can make this information available, chances are you will get back the account after Instagram reviews it.

With this process, you can own your account again without stress.


Can I prevent Hackers from Gaining access to my account?

We learn from experience, and technology is also helping in its way. With the tips you will see below, hackers don’t stand a chance.

  • Protect your account with 2-factor authentication
  • Keep your Instagram password-secured (Don’t give it to your friends too)
  • Combine different characters in your password (e.g., Adobe943$$#)
  • Change your password regularly (2 -3 months interval)
  • When you get a notification for a login attempt, change the password.
  • Desist from login into your Instagram account from other websites.
  • Do not save your password on computers that are not yours.

If you can adhere to these options, your account can remain secured. It will save you from unethical hackers.



Everyone Instagram account means a lot to them. So, losing it can be painful, especially if it is a source of income. The good news is you can recover your hacked Instagram account. Your quick response to suspicious activities on the account will make it easier. It becomes more complicated when the hacker wipes off all your information. So, do whatever it requires when the time is right.


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