How to Leverage Press in Your Sales Cycle | USE PRESS AND MARKETING TO GENERATE SALES

The ultimate goal of marketing is to convert leads into customers that is why sales and marketing are always correlated. But oftentimes, the projection of the way we do marketing tips slightly on the other side than where we aim it for. Read on to find out how to use press and marketing to generate sales.

Whether you are a B2B, B2C, or D2C business, there should always be a strategic way of placing your marketing campaigns and media releases to cover not just an extensive reach of audience but also to align with the business goals and vision.


You should incorporate press and media into your marketing to leverage the number of sales you can gain.


Content Strategy

As they say, Content is King. Your audience always consumes information through the content you share on social media. Photos, videos, articles, or even simple text can attract and go viral if placed in the right time and position.


Paid Ads

Paid ads is no doubt an effective way to use press and marketing to generate sales. Sometimes, even if we grow organically without problems, doing paid advertising can definitely boost the outreach of your brand. The way to effectively promote is to target the people outside your organic advertising in order to maximize the cost and its revenue.


Email Marketing

Email campaigns are one of the general ways to grow your audience and do sales. It is like having a pen pal where you send relative information about your business and your industry while also giving them the opportunity to connect and experience your products.



If you haven’t started with building relationships, then you should do it now. Having partnerships and collaboration with other brands give you the opportunity to tap into the audience, not within your target market but potentially interested to buy from you.


“PR is a sales job. We’re in the business of selling clients’ stories and ideas to publications.”, is an interesting way to look at press and sales side by side from SHIFT Vice President Cathy Summers.


In hindsight, there is a tiny gap between PR and Sales as both deal with audience, prospects, leads, and opportunities. The only thing that separates them is how you strategically position your media activities to convert them into closed deals and buyers. (source)


Now that you know what the areas are to place your PR to generate sales, here’s how you can help to amplify more of your marketing efforts.


Lead Magnets

Everyone always likes free stuff, right? But the way you can be unique out of all the things you give for free online is to give them a resource like PDF, checklist, video, etc. that already gives them incredible value and they can use it in their lives immediately.



Happy customers and satisfied clients are a free marketing tool. You can use their word-of-mouth power to influence other people to buy products from your brand. They are living evidence that what you say reflects in what you do.



These wins and growth are your way to increasing the credibility of your brand. May it be applied content or granted voluntarily to your business, it creates a huge impact not just to your customers but on other brands as well that can lead to more partnerships and increased revenue.


We have seen how to use press and marketing to generate sales in this article, next, is taking the needed action. There is still a fine line between press and sales which can overlap and be overlooked. The way you can effectively create a continuous sales funnel is to start with a plan of action in building your press and media approach, and how you can cross-promote in between.


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