Like the famous meme coin in the image above became a sensation in the cryptocurrency world, so has meme marketing made a grand exit into the world of digital marketing.

 If anyone had said meme marketing would become a crucial digital marketing strategy about five years ago, no one would have believed it.

Memes were considered fads for the younger generation, but now, businesses can leverage them to boost their social media campaigns.

Meme marketing takes digital marketing to a whole new level, and we will be discussing that in this article.


You will also find successful meme marketing examples and meme marketing strategies.


Key Takeaway

 Meme marketing is a new, creative, and fun strategy that can help you boost your brand’s social media campaign.

Memes are captivating, and they attract audiences of different kinds. With the right memes and effective strategy, you can exceed your marketing goals and take your brand’s campaign to new heights. It will also increase brand awareness and interactions.


Meme Marketing

Let’s briefly describe memes before we get into what meme marketing is.

On a general level, memes refer to ideas or jokes that go viral on the internet. They can come in any media format like GIFs, videos, and pictures. Memes like video content can go viral, and we have numerous examples of viral memes.

The ability of memes to go viral is why marketers are taking advantage of it and exploring all the great benefits of meme marketing.


Meme marketing involves the use of memes for brand marketing and promotion. This form of marketing is low-budget, fun, and relatable. Being relatable, your audience will find it easier to connect to your brand’s story. Subsequently,  this will increase your brand’s engagement rate and ultimately boost your campaign.


The value of meme marketing goes beyond its viral ability. Some facts support how effective meme marketing can be. Here are some of them;


  • Over 50% of social media users share funny content, including memes.
  • About 55% of consumers between the age of 13-35 send memes weekly, and an estimated 30% send memes daily.
  • Almost half of the young adult population on social media platforms follow meme accounts.


Memes also have a higher reach when compared to conventional marketing graphics, and thus, they yield higher results in terms of engagement.

Need more proof about the efficacy of MM? Read on.


Benefits of Meme Marketing

Meme marketing has several benefits that will certainly impress you. They include;

  • Meme marketing is less expensive compared to other forms of marketing. There’s no need to come up with original content. Simply modify the meme to suit your brand, and it’s good to go. Lower costs and efforts.
  • Memes are relatable. Everyone sees a meme, and they can instantly relate to them. This is why memes are so popular. Your audience can relate to brand memes, making it easier for them to engage with your posts.
  • Memes attract new audiences. Memes are arguably the most shared content on social media. As a result, your existing audience will share your memes. This will attract a new audience and combine with other effective strategies. As a result, you can convert your new audience to loyal customers.
  • Memes trigger instant reactions.
  • Memes allow you to tell your brand’s story and identity.


Examples Of Meme Marketing

 As mentioned earlier, there are numerous examples of popular memes brands have used for marketing. Below are some examples of meme marketing;


  1. “How it started versus How it’s going?” If you didn’t come across this meme, you have been hiding under a rock. Individuals and businesses used this phrase to depict how far they have come. Some were hilarious, and some; inspiring.
  2. The Bernie Sanders Meme. The internet will never forget Bernie Sanders’ outfit at President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony. An image of him trended for days as a meme, and businesses keyed in on it by editing his sentence and fitting it to suit their brand’s identity.
  3. Kim Kardashian’s Outfit At The 2021 Met Gala. If there’s anything we love about the Met Gala, it’s the stunning outfits the stars wear. However, the famous Kim K’s outfit (all-black) against her half-sister, Kendall Jenner’s stunning and shiny dress, went on to trend as a meme. The meme was used to depict before and afters, positive and negative, and many more contexts.


Other meme marketing examples include the popular meme of superstar, Drake, rejecting something and another of him endorsing something else. Again, brands used this to promote their products and services.


How to Boost Your Campaign with Meme Marketing

Meme Marketing

Meme Marketing is all fun, but you need to integrate it into your digital marketing strategy the right way. Here are some tips that will guide you on using memes to boost your campaign.


  1. Know your audience. Study your audience to know what they like and need from your brand. This way, you modify memes to address their pain points.
  2. Keep it fun and relatable. People expect memes to be funny. So don’t use memes that are too serious, and ensure your memes are relatable.
  3. Don’t use vulgar words. Avoid using insults or vulgar words. They can discourage your audience.
  4. Select memes that suit your brand style. Not all memes are suitable for your brand.
  5. Don’t use call-to-actions (CTAs) in your memes.
  6. Use memes when they are viral. Memes are trendy, and people lose interest in them fast. So use your memes when they are trending.


If your brand is brainstorming meme ideas, think of your user persona. What are some challenges they deal with? How are they approaching those challenges?


You’ll probably find a humorous, meme-worthy answer.




The meme culture is making a wave in the digital marketing space, and if your campaigns aren’t effective enough, you should consider meme marketing to boost your campaigns and get better results.

Memes have been proven to have worked as marketing tools, and now is the time to get in on the action!


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