Instagram Audit: Top Ten Steps to Performing an Effective Instagram Audit

Instagram is a trendy visual promotional platform that is engaging by nature. Therefore, businesses leverage Instagram as a social media platform to showcase their products. However, that’s just a scratch on the surface as the main reason for indulgence is meeting business goals.

There’s hardly ever a straight graph; the lines rise and fall. So it is Instagram engagements that explain why we need an Instagram audit. Instagram audit is an overall check on your business goals to determine your progress level and identify faults that enable you to re-strategize.

Key Takeaways

Suppose your Instagram business page experiences a decline in followers, loss of engagement, or slow progressiveness; you need to run an Instagram audit. It will determine the cause of the problem so you can know how to rectify it. With this, you’re able to get your account back on track.

You need to have your current goals and Key Performance Impacts as yardsticks for measurement. In the end, you can identify what sector of your page needs adjustment. An Instagram audit is the gateway to a successful social media brand.

What Does Instagram Audit Mean?

You can view an Instagram audit as a check that searches all books and crannies of your account to filter out issues. These issues could include fake followers, bad branding, unattractive visuals, unwholesome content, etc. From this list, you should be able to deduce that such problems will most likely lead to a decline or improper page growth.

You should run an Instagram audit often, even when everything looks rosy. Consider it a strategy checker; it’s essential to try out different strategies to discover the best. It’s a way of keeping tabs on your strategies and noting the most successful.

You should maintain the most efficient strategy for achieving your goals. However, as seasons change and tides turn, even the best strategies may lose their stance, thus requiring a minor tweak or replacement.

To run an Instagram audit, you’ll need an Instagram audit tool. Examples are Hype auditor, Iconosquare audit, Minter.io, social insider, webstagram, etc.

While most audits tools come with a price, there are Instagram audit-free tools. You should use Iconsquare or hype auditor Instagram for a free Instagram audit.

Ten Steps For a Successful Instagram Audit

Let’s study the ten ultimate steps to your own Instagram audit. You can apply these steps to either a personal or a business account.

1. Define Your Goal and KPIs

Your general business goals ought to align with your Instagram goals. Set KPIs to help you achieve them. These are the foundations of audit, as you shall use them to grade the other steps.

2. Check if Your Branding Aligns With Your Goals

Create a spectacular image for your brand. Assess what all aspects of your account portray. Your profile, bio, content, hashtags, caption, and post should align and bring progress to your goals.

3. Examine Your Overall Visuals

To know the power of visuals, look at Coca-Cola, Nike, and Cadbury- two iconic companies. They keyed into the power of visuals till it’s now a focal point of their fame. Coca-Cola & Nike focused on circulating their logo and Cadbury, its rich purple color.

4. Scrutinize Your Profile and Bio

Before users follow any brand, they always go through the profile and bio, so yours should make a statement. First, flaunt your company logo & summarize details of your business in a few words, then insert a link to your website.

Ensure that your website’s landing page is top-notch. It should also convey the same information as your Instagram and social media accounts. You can change your bio and use it to flaunt your achievements.

5. Examine Your Content

Invest in a good content marketing strategy for your posts and captions. For example, trademark your pictures, videos, and reels with high quality. Also, ensure that all your posts are relevant that fit your audience.

6. Check the Consistency of Your Posts and Captions

Your posts and captions should closely relate to your brand’s content; otherwise, your followers may lose interest. An excellent tip is ensuring your posts align with your business image.

Your captions should be reflective of your aims. Also, since Instagram is mainly a visual platform, your images should be of high quality, not subpar.

7. Go Over Your Hashtag Usage

Proper usage of hashtags equals spontaneous growth. Track the performance of your hashtags and identify similarities between trending ones.

Use this knowledge to create hashtags. Explore the various types of hashtags to get a perfect one. You can use about 15-20 hashtags on a post to gain exposure. However, stick to relatable hashtags.

8. Scrutinize the Interaction and Engagement

Great engagement is the master key to brand awareness which is what we all want. However, what do you do when your engagement starts seeping down the valley? Adding CTA’s to your stories and ads to your reels is a game-changer.

You should try following and engaging related accounts, replying to DMs, and comments. You should also follow your most engaged followers, start public conversations and gather UGC. Finally, for more brand awareness, try collaborating with influencers- it works all the time.

9. Get a Perfect Posting Schedule

This audit scheme delves a bit into analytics as it questions the timing of your posts. For example, do you post at the most suitable times for your target audience? Do the time of your posts align with their time zones? These are questions you can ask.

Generally, most Instagram users are active from 9 am -12 pm and 8 pm- 10 pm. However, you can use an Instagram audit tool to get the accurate active times of your target audience. You can then schedule your posts and release them at the correct times.

10. Uproot Fake Followers

While you want your followers to grow, you need active followers, not fake ones whose presence never counts. Furthermore, Instagram’s algorithm detests ghost followers. Therefore, this reduces the credibility of accounts linked to them. As such, it’s imperative that account owners perform Instagram follower audits.

There you have it, your ten easy steps to a successful follower audit.


Rather than guessing and second-guessing with trials and errors to identify the source of your problem, you could use an Instagram account audit. In ten easy steps, you can decipher the crooked paths in your business account. Many need followers, engagement, and massive ROI but lack the strength and agility to chase after them.

In ten easy peasy steps, you can get all that and more. You can also achieve all your goals either before the set time or on time. So, buckle up and learn the ten steps to breaking the shackles weighing down your Instagram business success.

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