Instagram Account Hacked – Common Phishing Scams and How to Avoid them

Out of about 1000 users who have their Instagram account hacked, more than 60% of them come from phishing. Cybercriminals are good at using it, but many innocent users don’t know about this. These hackers create tricked login pages that make you fall into their trap.

It is even more dangerous if the hacker gains access beyond just your Instagram account. Phishers make irresistible offers meant to deceive people. Sometimes, they imitate the actual Instagram login page to get your details. Unknown to you, you log in using the link provided, and that’s all they need to take over your account.

Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening to you. That is why you are reading this right now. Don’t stop at this point because you are about to gain valuable information to keep your Instagram account safe.


Key Takeaway

Phishing scams are the reasons many Instagram users lost their accounts to hackers. It involves creating a link to imitate the login page of Instagram to get the login details of unsuspected users. Hackers engage in an Instagram hack to monetize people’s information. A phishing scam is preventable by using a strong password and giving every link a second thought.


Instagram Phishing – What does it mean?

Have you ever received a random message requesting that you click on a link to access your page? Or you got a mail saying a bonus is waiting for you when you use the attached URL. It could be a direct message on Instagram or sent to your email. Whatever the case, chances are a hacker wants to hack your account.

Instagram phishing is fraudulent attempt hackers use to steal your information for monetization purposes. If your Instagram account is hacked, the cybercriminal uses it to deceive people. For example, your followers may start seeing fake promotional content.

Sometimes, hackers persuade your followers to invest in dubious Ponzi schemes through direct messages. The scary part is that you can lose more than your Instagram account. They may steal your banking details and other valuable info that represents you.

That sounds scary, right? Yes, it does. Luckily for us, identifying phisher messages isn’t difficult. They have something in common.


Signs that show you received a Phishing Message

Anyone can fall into phishing scams because their messages are close to being original. If you are not careful, you think the messages come directly from Instagram. The signs include:

  • There is a lot of typographical error in the content (Poor use of English).
  • Links are usually in short forms (bitly)
  • You receive a direct message (DM) on Instagram claiming to be official.
  • Persuading you to send money
  • Images or attachments don’t look original

Some cybercriminals go to the extent of imitating the official email address of Instagram (security@mail.instagram.com). They usually add a letter when it won’t be visible to their victim. That makes it very important to check the sender’s email before taking action.

Don’t leave phishing scams hanging without reporting to the proper authority. By notifying Instagram, you would help to make the community stronger. So, how can you do that? Read on to discover more insight to preserve your Instagram account.


Common Instagram Phishing Scams you should know

As we said earlier, phishers will urge you to take action when they send you a direct message or mail. That sense of authenticity can knock you off your feet if you are not careful. For everyone to be safe, Instagram highlighted the activities below as scams:

  • Romance
  • Lottery
  • False job opportunities
  • Loans where they ask you to pay advance fees
  • Fraudulent investment (Ponzi scheme)
  • False Subscription for a service.
  • Giveaways requesting you click on a link before you can be a winner.

They try to capitalize on your emotion to trick you. Sometimes, scammers bring an offer that sounds too good to be true. If you are not observant, you can fall victim to their deceitful act. In other cases, they scare you because they find your weak point.

Instagram password hackers differ; some push you to take action ASAP, while others can be reserved. The calm ones are difficult to detect because they can wait for a month before hitting you. So, whenever you deal with a stranger,  ensure it isn’t easy to win your trust.


What to do when you Accidentally Use a Phishing link?

A stitch in time can save hundreds. If you fall for phishing scams by mistake, being proactive will save you identity damage from every angle. This is what you should do:


Report to Instagram

It is necessary to call the attention of Instagram to the dubious activity. It helps in getting rid of cybercriminals on social networks. If you fail to do so, other users can fall victim someday. Therefore, it is your responsibility to reduce scammers on the platform. This is definitely one of the best ways to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked.


Confirm your Banking information are intact

Cybercriminals also target your bank details. To prevent losing your money, check to see that suspicious transaction happens on your account. If need be, you can ask your financial institution to freeze the account temporarily.


Change Password Where Necessary

Don’t continue using your password on all accounts, including your bank. Create a new password with different characters. There should be no similarity between the old and new passwords. That gives you a high level of security.


Use Instagram ID Hack Checker:

You can stay protected with the service of an ID theft checker. These are credible institutions that monitor your accounts to prevent suspicious activity that could lead to financial loss

Instagram Account hacked

Image Source: Mail Guard

How to Avoid Instagram Phishing Scams

Scammers deploy different tactics to gain access to people’s accounts. When they notice a trick isn’t working, they look for another alternative. That is to say, Instagram phishing isn’t leaving the internet space. If that’s the case, we need to brace up and deal with the situation by ourselves.

These are the things you can do to avoid them:


Activating two-factor authentication

With the level of suspicious activity online, the password is not enough to keep your account safe. 2FA requests additional verification to ensure the rightful owner is the person using it.


Ignore Login Links in Messages

It’s better to follow due process than use that link sent to your inbox. Don’t give in to their request, no matter how the scammer urges you to use the link.


Ignore messages requesting something

Most times, scammers come with lines like they have a surprise waiting for you when you click the link. It’s a trap. If you are going to click any link, ensure it was a conversation initiated with the right person.


Beware of who follows you

Except you know someone personally, don’t engage strangers with suspicious accounts. We aren’t saying there is no stranger with good intention. However, check their account to see what they represent.


Anti-virus can prevent accessing suspicious sites

Anti-virus comes in handy to prevent malware that can cause damage. Norton and E-set are a few of the anti-virus you can use to protect your account and other information.



With different phishing tricks, it’s easy to get Instagram Account hacked, especially if the user is not careful. Scammers hide their true identities to scam people. It would be best to do your research before taking any action when you receive a random message. Follow the highlighted point in this guide if you want your account free from the scammers’ net.


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