Ultimate Guide to Facebook video ads 2022

It’s not news anymore that video is one of the best performing content across social media. As a marketer or a brand, it is necessary to understand Facebook video ads to engage more audiences. Unconsciously, people spend hours on Facebook carried away with watching videos.

A forecast by Cisco showed that online videos would generate over 80% of traffic for brands using Facebook Instream ads. This implication is that video marketing will increase brand awareness than other content types. So, if you want your products and services to go far and wide, adopt Facebook video ads.

If you are thinking about how to go about it, we design the guide to provide you with insights to get started.


Key Takeaway

Facebook video ads is a marketing strategy that involves creating dynamic visual content to deliver your brand’s message to audiences. It is an efficient tool to grab audience attention and boost web traffic. Facebook video ads also increase conversion rates. Effective video ads must meet some criteria such as file type, ratio, duration, and file size before.

Ultimate Guide to Facebook video ads 2022


Why Should you Consider Facebook Video Ads?

Businesses have been advertising their products and services before the advent of social media. Publicity and promotion of goods took a new turn since digital marketing hit the center stage. And with social media platforms having over 60 million users combined, it means your target audience is online.

The exciting part is that Facebook offers the best tools for marketing among the social media platforms. The Facebook platform has not less than two billion users streaming videos on it. That presents an opportunity for brands to engage their audience through informative and entertaining video ads.

Additionally, Facebook video ads offer brands a unique way to engage with their audience. According to social media marketing statistics, about 50% of online users follow a brand because they want to see their video content on social media. That shows your brand stands a chance to reach a wider audience.


How Do Facebook Video Ads Work?

If you have been on Facebook recently to see random videos pop onto your screen, it means you saw a brand’s advert. Digital marketers target some indicators to make that possible. You saw the ads because your likes are part of their metrics to get to their potential customers.

You can do the same for your business. We are confident it will generate tremendous results based on our experience and available data. However, you must understand that Facebook video ads are not free. Before you can have your videos appear in users’ timelines on Facebook, you need to run paid ads.

You can create and upload videos in your ads manager. Also, if you have a video already uploaded to your page, you can boost it using Facebook video ads.


How can a Business Benefit from Facebook Video Ads?

There are numerous ways brands can leverage videos to grow their business. The most significant is capturing online users’ attention at first glance. If your video is captivating enough, your audience will be willing to spend hours watching it.

A survey on video marketing revealed Facebook users spend not less than 100 million hours watching videos daily. Among these videos, about 46% of them passed clear information across within the first four seconds. We discovered that more than 70% delivered the message within 10 seconds.

It speaks volumes of what your brand can do with Facebook video ads. If you aren’t sure of the advantages yet, below are what you will gain from advertising through this channel:

  • Create awareness for your brand
  • Tell the world about your brand’s proposed values
  • Catches audience attention for engagement
  • Increases your brand’s value
  • Educate potential customers than text and images



Creating a Facebook Video Ad for your Brand?

You already know what Facebook video ads have in the bag for your brand. Let’s walk you through how you can create one with Ads manager.


Have a Clear Objective

It is essential to have a problem you want to solve before initiating a campaign. Understandably, every business is out there to offer solutions. However, identifying the pressing needs of your audience can help you develop the right campaign objective.


An established business can have engagement and conversions as its campaign objectives. A start-up, on the other hand, may consider traffic and awareness. Any brand can choose to tell its brand story using video advertising.

If you can determine this, creating a befitting video for that purpose won’t be a problem. If your brand has a robust customer base, you can target getting more views on your page.


Specify your Audience

A campaign will be successful only if it gets to those who can relate to the advert. That is why Facebook offers you sufficient filters to target users. Therefore, you must identify the people that align with your business and campaign objectives.

Facebook allows you to select filters as much as you want to ensure you reach your target audience. The good thing about it is that Facebook will charge you only when your prospective customers engage you.


Choose where to see your Video Ads

You can specify the areas on Facebook where you want your videos to appear. It could be a news feed, stories, marketplace, or other pages on the platform. It’s okay if you don’t know how to do it. That is why the automatic placement option is available.

By automating the placement of your ad, the Facebook algorithm places the videos in suitable places. You can adjust and redefine the options later when you see how your content performs.


Create the Video

Now that you have other things set, video creation comes next. Every video must meet requirements if you want them to come out well. Expectations differ from one customer to another, so it is crucial to create high-quality videos.

To avoid making mistakes, check old videos to see how they perform. Things to note include the format, video quality, and engagement rate. The reviews from previous sales should guide you when making a new video.


Run A/B tests

If you have a series of campaigns you run to achieve the same marketing objective, you can test to see the top performers. That way, you can try another video option if one is not converting as expected.

Keep doing this until you can boost high-converting video ads that tell a lot about your brand. You can also try Facebook in-stream ads and run an A/B test to see its performance.



Creating Facebook video ads has a lot of potential for every business. Statistics showed its relevance to marketing strategies in contemporary times. If you aren’t using it already, now is the time to start. Facebook has all the tools you need to succeed with your marketing campaigns. Take the necessary steps now and see how the story changes for your brand.


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