Facebook Professional Mode: How to Monetize Your Profile with Facebook’s Professional Mode

Did you know that Facebook has a Professional Mode? This feature was officially announced on 8 December 2021 as a way to help creators make money and reach their full potential. One of the ways that eligible creators can earn money with the Facebook professional mode is the Reels play bonus program. Creators can earn and receive a payout of as much as $35,000 monthly based on the performance of their qualified reels.

Furthermore, this mode allows businesses to create a professional page that can be used for marketing and advertising purposes. This blog post will discuss using Facebook Professional Mode to monetize your profile.

We will cover the basics of creating a professional page, adding content, and using the different features of Professional Mode. So, whether you are just starting out with Facebook marketing or looking for ways to improve your current strategy, this blog post is for you!

Key Takeaway

Facebook Professional Mode is an advanced feature on Facebook designed for creators to earn extra income through reel bonuses. It also provides opportunities to businesses and organizations looking for a more professional approach to marketing and advertising.

This mode allows users to create an official page with a custom URL, add detailed information about their business or organization, and access Facebook’s advanced tools for optimizing their reach.

Facebook professional mode allows businesses to manage their online presence better, grow their following, and monetize their Facebook profile. Eligible profiles must learn and comply with best practices for creating reels.

How to turn on Facebook professional mode

Facebook’s professional mode is a great way to stay connected with colleagues and clients. Here’s how to turn it on:

  1. Open Facebook and click on the down arrow in the top right corner.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Click on the “Account” tab.
  4. Under “Manage your account,” click on “Professional Mode.”
  5. Toggle the switch to “On.”

That’s it! You’re now in Facebook professional mode.

How to Create Facebook Professional Page

Creating a Facebook Professional page is straightforward. First, visit the Facebook business page and click ‘Create Page.’

From here, you will be prompted to fill out the information about your business or organization, such as industry type and contact details. You can then choose a theme for your page that best represents your brand image.

Finally, you’ll have the option to add images, videos, and other media content to your page that will help engage potential customers or followers.

Adding Content to Your Facebook Professional Page

Adding content to your Facebook professional page is essential for generating engagement and showing potential customers or followers that you are active and involved with the Facebook platform.

When creating content to post on your Facebook professional page, make sure it is relevant to your business or organization and speaks directly to your target audience.

Additionally, be sure to mix up the type of content you post, such as text posts, images, videos, polls, quizzes, etc. Doing so will ensure that your page stays exciting and engaging for visitors.

Facebook Professional Mode Features and Tools

Facebook professional mode offers advanced features and tools for businesses looking to optimize their reach within Facebook’s platform. This includes insights about user activity on a page, such as demographics, post performance, and user interactions.

Facebook also offers tools to track conversion rates, customize ads and campaigns, target users with specific interests or demographics, and analyze page performance. These features can be invaluable for businesses looking to effectively manage their Facebook presence.

Monetizing Your Facebook Professional Profile

Monetizing your Facebook Professional profile is a great way to generate additional revenue from the platform. Some strategies for monetizing your Facebook Professional profile include using Facebook ads manager to create targeted campaigns, adding Facebook marketplace listings of products or services you offer, offering special promotions for followers on your page, and using Facebook’s Digital Currency Service to accept payments from customers directly through the platform.

Utilizing these techniques can help you maximize the potential of your Facebook Professional profile.

Ways to Monetize the Professional Mode for Your Profiles

Here are the top 5 ways to monetize professional mode for your profiles

  1. Facebook Live Monetization
  2. Facebook Stars and Superchat
  3. Facebook Marketplace Listings
  4. Using Facebook’s Digital Currency Services for Payments
  5. Special Promotions for Followers on Your Facebook Page.

Facebook Live Monetization:

Facebook Live is a great way to monetize your Facebook Professional Mode profile. You can use Facebook Live to stream content on various topics, from product demos and tutorial videos to Q&As and conversations with experts in the field.

Facebook’s live streaming service allows you to connect with viewers in real time, giving you the opportunity to interact with them and drive engagement on your page.

Facebook Stars and Superchat:

Facebook Stars and Superchat are two monetization features available on Facebook Professional Mode. The Facebook Stars allow viewers to “tip” creators within Facebook Live videos, while Superchat enables fans to purchase messages that appear in live streams or posts.

These features give businesses an additional revenue stream by allowing them to capitalize on their audience’s enthusiasm for their content.

Facebook Marketplace Listings:

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to monetize your Facebook Professional Mode profile by offering products or services directly through the platform.

With Facebook Marketplace, you can create listings of any products or services you offer. It makes it easy for Facebook users to find and purchase from you.

Using Facebook’s Digital Currency Services for Payments:

Facebook has integrated several digital currency services into its platform. Accepting payments on your Facebook Professional Mode profile is easier than ever.

These services provide a secure and convenient way to process payments. They also give businesses an additional revenue source without worrying about the hassle of setting up a merchant account or dealing with customer credit card information.

Special Promotions for Followers on Your Facebook Page:

Special promotions are another great way to monetize your Facebook Professional Mode profile. By offering exclusive discounts, coupons, or giveaways to followers on your Facebook page, you can attract new customers and drive engagement on your page while also increasing sales.

Benefits of Using Facebook Professional Mode to Monetize Your Profile

Using Facebook Professional mode to monetize your profile has many benefits.

It provides businesses with an efficient way to manage their Facebook presence, grow their following, and increase their reach within the platform.

Additionally, it allows businesses to take advantage of Facebook’s advanced features and tools for optimizing page performance.

Finally, it offers various monetization strategies to help businesses generate additional revenue from Facebook.


Facebook Professional Mode offers businesses a great way to optimize and monetize their Facebook presence. It provides them with advanced features and tools that can help them maximize their reach within the platform.

With Facebook Professional Mode, businesses can drive engagement, generate additional revenue, and create a more professional approach to marketing on Facebook. Try Facebook Professional Mode today and see how it can benefit your business!

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