Facebook Media Portal: What You Need To Know About Facebook Partner Portals

There’s no doubt that Facebook and Instagram are some of the top social media applications used by marketers and content creators to connect and engage with their audience, market, and supporters. On the other hand, it is also used by many for personal and entertainment purposes. Let’s see what the Facebook Media Partner Support Portal is all about.

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As of now, according to Facebook’s most recent investor’s report, their user count grow by up to 2.895 billion every month while Instagram has 1.393 billion active users as of 2022. With this growing number of users, it is not impossible that they encounter issues and problems while using the app.


And that’s where the Facebook Media Partner Support Portal comes in.



What is a Facebook Media Partner Support Portal?

Facebook Media Partner Support portal is the perfect place where you can find assistance from Meta’s Media Team. You can send all of your account inquiries to them directly and expect a response within 2 business days. Once your request is submitted, you can always track its progress in the support inbox. In addition to that, you can also browse the portal for common questions regarding the application features.


Yes, Facebook Media Partner Support is a one-stop place where you can get answers to all of your account questions but there are conditions you should note before submitting your requests to them.


Guidelines Before You Submit Facebook Media Partner Support Request


Requests on behalf of friends and family, will not be supported:

Take note that you can only send requests on behalf of public figures, media organizations, and related businesses. You cannot send on behalf of people who are personally related to you.


Only authorized representatives should submit a request:

Sending in requests on behalf of people and organizations that you are not affiliated with is strictly prohibited.


Observe honesty:

Meta team wants your transparency and accuracy so make sure that all of the information you’ll send is true and correct. It will affect the progress of your request.


Observe respect:

Unless you have new information that might help you improve your case, kindly refuse to resubmit your request.


Here are some prohibited actions that you should also keep in mind:


  • Submitting fake documents and information.
  • Pretending that you’re a Meta employee.
  • Using Media Partner Support Portal to gain money.
  • Resubmitting a request in less than 30 days after your previous submission.


Learn more about the guidelines here.


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