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How Do Celebrity Instagram Giveaways Work?

Adding Your Account to List of Required Follows

In order for participants to enter the giveaway, they'll need to follow a list of required accounts to be eligible for the grand prize, your account will be one of them!

Gain 1,000s of Followers Overnight!

When the giveaway goes live your account will be flooded with active & engaged followers from your favorite celebrities' community.

Sky Rocket Your

Now that you've gained a massive amount of new members, turn active followers into engaged leads with marketing funnels.

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Extremely Rapid Growth!

Our average giveaway has the potential to bring between 3,000 to 25,000 new followers to your profile within the giveaway period of approximately 3-7 days. Yes, the growth is very fast! Giveaways with great prizes have a HUGE impact.

Giveaways till Goals Met!

Celebrities & influencers will promote your account until you reach the guaranteed growth goals. Thanks to our global network, we have an endless supply of niche celebrity giveaways to choose from.

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Super Strong Retention Rate!

The average retention rate after a Giveaway is approximately 85%, which means when you gain 10,000 followers, 8,500 will remain long term. However, the better your content & targeting the higher the retention rates!

Real, Active & Engaged

Thanks to Celebrity Giveaways you'll be gaining Niche-Specific Followers that are active & engaged. Utilize our Location Targeting & Audience Demographics to achieve the Highest audience affinity to your brand.

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