AI Marketing: Top 10 AI Marketing Tools in 2022

Digital marketing today takes shape in different forms. It has become a very vast marketing strategy for marketers. This workload has encouraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing. There are now many tools that help marketers solve numerous problems while saving time and cost. These AI marketing tools have become mainstream in marketing strategies in recent years.


AI in marketing can help marketers in different ways, including Email marketing, content creation, and automation.

We will discuss some of the best AI in digital marketing, their importance, and how marketers can use them.


Key Takeaway

Artificial Intelligence has not only brought value to marketing but also in other areas of the digital space. Companies and small businesses depend on AI for data that help them make vital decisions. AI has also proven to be a valuable tool for freelancers running individual businesses. This tool has brought value to many online business owners with its excellent performances. The guarantee of results is the reason AI software appeals to everyone.


What is an AI Marketing Tool?

AI marketing tools are software built to display intelligent execution. AI tools use data provided by an Artificial Intelligence program to make automated decisions. Although humans program the data, the tools complete these tasks without the help of humans.

AI technologies are helpful in digital marketing, content marketing, automation, email marketing, etc. This technology helps content marketing by providing practical tools to create, edit, and structure marketing content.

Digital marketing has also been made easier with Artificial intelligence. That is because AI advertising helps digital marketers run successful campaigns and scheduling.

These are some of the vital features of how AI works with marketing strategies. So, this software provides a way for anyone in the digital space. They help to complete tedious and complicated tasks.


Why Should I Use AI Marketing Tools?

Marketing for businesses today has become more competitive with access to sophisticated tools and software. One of the uses of AI software can help marketers anticipate their competitors. Aside from the fact that it saves cost, more work can be done in less time.

Content creation, competitive analysis, email automation, and other marketing strategies can be completed efficiently. You can optimize every piece of information that this tool offers. And AI tools provide valuable information. So, you are sure of making a good choice if you invest in any AI tool.

ai marketing


10 Best AI Marketing Tools You Should Use in 2022

AI tools are beneficial to different marketing strategies. Whether you need an AI in content marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, or any other marketing campaign, there is a tool for you.

This section will discuss some of the top AI tools for any marketing strategy you want to use.

These marketing tools include;


1.    Phrasee

Phrasee is a practical artificial intelligence tool for creating great email copies, social media captions, and digital content. It generates artificial language learning systems that produce effective email subject lines, social media posts, etc.

This tool also makes almost accurate predictions of your audience’s favorite content and performs according to these results.

Social media marketers mostly use this tool to create excellent ad copies for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


2.    Personalize

Personalize is another artificial intelligence platform that assists marketers with email marketing.  This tool uses real-time activities of the most interested users, allowing marketers to identify valuable subscribers.

Metrics such as click-through rates and time users spend on a site are what Personalize uses to provide helpful information.

With this data, you can identify your target and categorize them into a specific email series.


3.    Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense works similar to Personalize in how they optimize subscribers’ behavior. But in this case, this tool gives you an insight into the best time to send emails. It also helps you suggest how frequently you should send emails.


The artificial intelligence of the Seventh sense generates data from when each of your contacts opens their emails. This information helps schedule emails with your contacts at an appropriate time.

A starting price of $64 per month can give you access to their excellent features.


4.    SEMrush

With SEMrush, you have one of the most popular and effective content marketing tools. This platform can assist marketers in different ways, especially in SEO and Pay-per-clicks (PPC) campaigns.

SEMrush rush offers valuable data in the analysis of SEO, social media marketing campaigns, and PPC advertising. Marketers can track ranking keywords and other successful ads with SEMrush. It is also an excellent platform for marketers’ to perform competitive analysis to enhance their business growth.

Although it is very efficient, this tool goes for a whopping $119 for the monthly subscription.


5.    Surfer SEO

Creating good content with the help of artificial intelligence is now a thing. Surfer SEO has proven to be a handy platform to optimize blog posts, create articles, and produce content outlines within a few minutes or even seconds.

The unique attribute of Surfer is its integration of SEO-optimized content. That means you can write articles using specific keywords.


6.    Copipilot

ECommerce websites and other stores mainly use Copipilot. This software helps in integrating social media activities with Facebook messenger. With copipilot, you can chat with customers in real-time and handle orders and sales.

This tool makes it easy to integrate your ECommerce store with a messenger app. They also have a free 7-day trial, after which the cost is only $10 per month.


7.    ChatFuel

If you are a marketer who runs campaigns often, this software would be valuable. Chatfuel can help you send automation via Facebook messengers.

If you are running an ad campaign and you get replies from customers, chatfuel automatically sends responses to customers.

Marketers can also use this software to answer FAQs from their customers automatically. The pricing of chatfuel starts at $15 per month.


8.    LivePerson

LivePerson is another excellent tool for sending automation. You can connect this tool with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. With bots, Liveperson can maintain conversations with your customers in real-time.


One good aspect of this tool is monitoring the algorithms to make smarter decisions. This algorithm system would make the software more effective as it would get used to your workflow over time.


9.    Grammarly

Grammarly has become a handy tool for content marketers. This tool helps to polish content and make them comprehensive. The Grammarly AI software handles the tone, style, and spelling of your content. This tool is also very efficient in correcting grammar errors, making our content look professional.

Ai marketing tool grammarly

It has a free plan, but the Business and Premium packages offer better services. Grammarly premium access starts from $30 per month.


10.    Acrolinx

Acrolinx is another AI software that works similarly to Grammarly. Content marketers can equally use Acrolinx to improve the quality of their content. With this tool, you can proofread your content to reach the brand’s metrics.

Like Grammarly, users can also set the tone, grammar, and style of the content.


What are the Advantages of AI Marketing Tools?

AI Marketing covers different marketing strategies and has come with excellent results. That shows the impact of AI in Marketing today. Below are some of the benefits of AI in digital marketing and other marketing strategies.


  • AI tools Automate emails, messages, and social media posts.
  • It also saves time and costs.
  • Boost marketers’ return on Investments (ROI)
  • AI also provides quality information and data to enhance different marketing strategies.


What do AI Marketing Tools Offer?

Artificial Intelligence software comes with some of the best features for various marketing strategies. Content marketers, digital marketers, or even social media marketers all get value from one AI tool or another. Here are some of the features marketers get from this software;


  • Content creation
  • Automated campaigns
  • Chatbots
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SEO and PPC analysis
  • Social media scheduling etc.


Are There Free AI Marketing Tools?

Most of these marketing tools come with monthly pricing. These prices may not be affordable to individuals or some startups. Although some of these tools come with a free trial, access to completely free AI tools might be challenging.

However, some of this software still gives access to free versions for users. Grammarly, Surfer SEO, Exod.ai are among some of these tools with free versions. But the premium packages are always much more effective.



Final Thoughts

AI in marketing has proven to be a game-changer. The use of Artificial Intelligence technology has made it easier for marketers.

In any marketing category, there is always a tool that makes work easier. The prices of some of the software might be a challenge, but the return on investment proves that AI is worth every penny.

So, I believe this article has given you all you need to know about AI marketing software.  

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