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Step by Step Guide to Recover your Hacked Instagram Account 2022

Over the years, Instagram users have been losing their profiles to scammers. It is becoming alarming that people start looking for ways to recover hacked Instagram account. In fact, it feels so bad losing the account you spent years building to hackers. It can be annoying to lose the followers, photos, and videos you cherish so much.

The most frustrating part is that the hacker may even delete them for their selfish interest. Instagram takes account protection seriously, but hackers always have their tricks to bypass the security. The good news for you is that you can get back your hacked Instagram account.

This article will show you everything you to know to have your account back.


Key Takeaway

Hacked Instagram accounts are profiles taken over by overs for the reasons best known to them. A hacked Instagram account is recoverable by acting immediately. Users need to use strong passwords and set up 2-factor authentication to secure their accounts from hackers. A sign to know you can no longer access your Instagram account includes a sudden increase in activities. Intruders can also delete videos and images on your profile.


Signs Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked

For every individual that chooses to create an Instagram account, hackers hacking chances also increase. So, if an intruder gains access to your profile, how would you know? Someone who is not observant will not know until they can’t log in anymore.

Before it gets to not being able to log in, you can detect hackers’ presence when you notice the signs below:

  • There is an exponential increase in the number of Instagram users you follow.
  • You start seeing posts and updates that you didn’t initiate
  • Your message box shows you sent a lot of people messages (Investment scammers)
  • All photos and videos deleted from your profile without your consent
  • You no longer have access to the account.

We learned these common complaints from several users who lost their accounts to hackers. It is essential never to overlook suspicious activities on your account. Acting quickly can save you the headache of looking to recover a hacked Instagram account.


Can I Recover my Hacked Instagram Account?

You can still revive your account Instagram account. What comes first is discovering that an intruder is using your Instagram as soon as possible. Finding out late may cost you the account forever. When the hacker changes the key information you need to access the account, that will be the case.

Instagram makes it possible that everyone can have an account that represents them. Hackers, sometimes, capitalize on the number of followers you have for their selfish interests. Even users with insignificant followers fall victim to this unethical behavior.

Regardless of the number of followers you have, recovering your account may be impossible if you don’t find out early. Instagram cannot possibly help you if you don’t provide essential information to get your account back.


How to Recover Hacked Instagram Account

We cannot overemphasize the need to act very fast when you notice that an intruder is running your account. If you are one of those who lost their account, this is what you can do to get it back:


Contact Instagram Account as soon as Possible

The moment you notice suspicious activities on your account, report to Instagram immediately. No need to have a second thought before you do so because contemplation can make your account go for good.


By calling Instagram attention to it, they will review your account and prevent the hacker from using it.


Use your Email for Recovery

It is always good to have your Instagram account link to your email. It will be helpful if you want to get your account back from hackers. Instagram will notify you if there is an unusual login activity on your account.


It could be from a new device or a different location entirely. Request a new login link with your associated email address if you get the notification. Use the forgot password button for iPhone users or Get help signing in for Android users.


Add the email you want to receive the login link. Immediately you receive an email for password change, click it to go to the new password page. Make your new password difficult to hack, or use a password manager for that.


Hackers can go through the same process, but you have the privilege to stop the attempt. The “Revert this change” option comes with the email you will receive. So, click the button to restore your account.

Step by Step Guide to Recover your Hacked Instagram Account 2022

Can Hackers change my Email Address?

Yes, hackers can go to the extent of changing your email address. Cases like this make it difficult to recover your hacked Instagram account. Once all the details that refer to you are out of the picture, you won’t have any proof of ownership. That is another reason for you to act fast.

However, there is still something you can do to revive the account: Firstly, use the Instagram help page to complain. Make your reason clear that the hacker replaced all information that connects you to the account. State your recovery email and other email linked to the account in your complaint.

Also, provide your Instagram username and other information related to the account. If you can make this information available, chances are you will get back the account after Instagram reviews it.

With this process, you can own your account again without stress.


Can I prevent Hackers from Gaining access to my account?

We learn from experience, and technology is also helping in its way. With the tips you will see below, hackers don’t stand a chance.

  • Protect your account with 2-factor authentication
  • Keep your Instagram password-secured (Don’t give it to your friends too)
  • Combine different characters in your password (e.g., Adobe943$$#)
  • Change your password regularly (2 -3 months interval)
  • When you get a notification for a login attempt, change the password.
  • Desist from login into your Instagram account from other websites.
  • Do not save your password on computers that are not yours.

If you can adhere to these options, your account can remain secured. It will save you from unethical hackers.



Everyone Instagram account means a lot to them. So, losing it can be painful, especially if it is a source of income. The good news is you can recover your hacked Instagram account. Your quick response to suspicious activities on the account will make it easier. It becomes more complicated when the hacker wipes off all your information. So, do whatever it requires when the time is right.


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Instagram Account Hacked – Common Phishing Scams and How to Avoid them

Out of about 1000 users who have their Instagram account hacked, more than 60% of them come from phishing. Cybercriminals are good at using it, but many innocent users don’t know about this. These hackers create tricked login pages that make you fall into their trap.

It is even more dangerous if the hacker gains access beyond just your Instagram account. Phishers make irresistible offers meant to deceive people. Sometimes, they imitate the actual Instagram login page to get your details. Unknown to you, you log in using the link provided, and that’s all they need to take over your account.

Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening to you. That is why you are reading this right now. Don’t stop at this point because you are about to gain valuable information to keep your Instagram account safe.


Key Takeaway

Phishing scams are the reasons many Instagram users lost their accounts to hackers. It involves creating a link to imitate the login page of Instagram to get the login details of unsuspected users. Hackers engage in an Instagram hack to monetize people’s information. A phishing scam is preventable by using a strong password and giving every link a second thought.


Instagram Phishing – What does it mean?

Have you ever received a random message requesting that you click on a link to access your page? Or you got a mail saying a bonus is waiting for you when you use the attached URL. It could be a direct message on Instagram or sent to your email. Whatever the case, chances are a hacker wants to hack your account.

Instagram phishing is fraudulent attempt hackers use to steal your information for monetization purposes. If your Instagram account is hacked, the cybercriminal uses it to deceive people. For example, your followers may start seeing fake promotional content.

Sometimes, hackers persuade your followers to invest in dubious Ponzi schemes through direct messages. The scary part is that you can lose more than your Instagram account. They may steal your banking details and other valuable info that represents you.

That sounds scary, right? Yes, it does. Luckily for us, identifying phisher messages isn’t difficult. They have something in common.


Signs that show you received a Phishing Message

Anyone can fall into phishing scams because their messages are close to being original. If you are not careful, you think the messages come directly from Instagram. The signs include:

  • There is a lot of typographical error in the content (Poor use of English).
  • Links are usually in short forms (bitly)
  • You receive a direct message (DM) on Instagram claiming to be official.
  • Persuading you to send money
  • Images or attachments don’t look original

Some cybercriminals go to the extent of imitating the official email address of Instagram (security@mail.instagram.com). They usually add a letter when it won’t be visible to their victim. That makes it very important to check the sender’s email before taking action.

Don’t leave phishing scams hanging without reporting to the proper authority. By notifying Instagram, you would help to make the community stronger. So, how can you do that? Read on to discover more insight to preserve your Instagram account.


Common Instagram Phishing Scams you should know

As we said earlier, phishers will urge you to take action when they send you a direct message or mail. That sense of authenticity can knock you off your feet if you are not careful. For everyone to be safe, Instagram highlighted the activities below as scams:

  • Romance
  • Lottery
  • False job opportunities
  • Loans where they ask you to pay advance fees
  • Fraudulent investment (Ponzi scheme)
  • False Subscription for a service.
  • Giveaways requesting you click on a link before you can be a winner.

They try to capitalize on your emotion to trick you. Sometimes, scammers bring an offer that sounds too good to be true. If you are not observant, you can fall victim to their deceitful act. In other cases, they scare you because they find your weak point.

Instagram password hackers differ; some push you to take action ASAP, while others can be reserved. The calm ones are difficult to detect because they can wait for a month before hitting you. So, whenever you deal with a stranger,  ensure it isn’t easy to win your trust.


What to do when you Accidentally Use a Phishing link?

A stitch in time can save hundreds. If you fall for phishing scams by mistake, being proactive will save you identity damage from every angle. This is what you should do:


Report to Instagram

It is necessary to call the attention of Instagram to the dubious activity. It helps in getting rid of cybercriminals on social networks. If you fail to do so, other users can fall victim someday. Therefore, it is your responsibility to reduce scammers on the platform. This is definitely one of the best ways to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked.


Confirm your Banking information are intact

Cybercriminals also target your bank details. To prevent losing your money, check to see that suspicious transaction happens on your account. If need be, you can ask your financial institution to freeze the account temporarily.


Change Password Where Necessary

Don’t continue using your password on all accounts, including your bank. Create a new password with different characters. There should be no similarity between the old and new passwords. That gives you a high level of security.


Use Instagram ID Hack Checker:

You can stay protected with the service of an ID theft checker. These are credible institutions that monitor your accounts to prevent suspicious activity that could lead to financial loss

Instagram Account hacked

Image Source: Mail Guard

How to Avoid Instagram Phishing Scams

Scammers deploy different tactics to gain access to people’s accounts. When they notice a trick isn’t working, they look for another alternative. That is to say, Instagram phishing isn’t leaving the internet space. If that’s the case, we need to brace up and deal with the situation by ourselves.

These are the things you can do to avoid them:


Activating two-factor authentication

With the level of suspicious activity online, the password is not enough to keep your account safe. 2FA requests additional verification to ensure the rightful owner is the person using it.


Ignore Login Links in Messages

It’s better to follow due process than use that link sent to your inbox. Don’t give in to their request, no matter how the scammer urges you to use the link.


Ignore messages requesting something

Most times, scammers come with lines like they have a surprise waiting for you when you click the link. It’s a trap. If you are going to click any link, ensure it was a conversation initiated with the right person.


Beware of who follows you

Except you know someone personally, don’t engage strangers with suspicious accounts. We aren’t saying there is no stranger with good intention. However, check their account to see what they represent.


Anti-virus can prevent accessing suspicious sites

Anti-virus comes in handy to prevent malware that can cause damage. Norton and E-set are a few of the anti-virus you can use to protect your account and other information.



With different phishing tricks, it’s easy to get Instagram Account hacked, especially if the user is not careful. Scammers hide their true identities to scam people. It would be best to do your research before taking any action when you receive a random message. Follow the highlighted point in this guide if you want your account free from the scammers’ net.


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How to perform social media competitive analysis in 2022

If you aren’t conducting a social media competitive analysis for your business, it will be difficult to level up with your competitors. An ideal scale to measure business performance is checking how your rivals are doing in the internet space. That doesn’t mean unhealthy rivalry, but a strategy to improve your marketing techniques.

In today’s business world, one of the significant objectives of management is survival. This is achievable through understanding what your competitors do to remain relevant. And given the marketing evolution, it’s obvious many businesses now advertise on social media.

Businesses like yours perform social media competitive analysis to evaluate their goals if you are not aware. They want to do better than you by outsmarting your techniques. That makes it necessary for your brand too. So, what’s the way to go about this? That’s why you are reading this.

You are about to discover invaluable information that can help build a formidable business.


Key Takeaway

Social media competitive analysis is an assessment of your competitors’ business operations, including marketing techniques. It helps a brand understand how their business is performing compared to their rival. A business can identify its strength and weakness using the analysis. Also, it gives an insight into developing an effective growth strategy to perform exceptionally among competitors.


What is Social Media Competitive Analysis?

The word “Analysis” implies investigating a phenomenon based on a handful of information at your disposal. You can decide to analyze your sales, profits, or overall business operation. This analysis type is an internal evaluation of your brand to see its performance without external factors.

It becomes competitive when you start comparing your business to brands offering the same services as you. In that case, we can say you want to know if your business is flaring well among its rival. You can focus your analysis on products, marketing, or other aspects of their businesses.

Now, talking about social media competitor analysis, it is the ability to analyze how your rivals’ content is performing online. We refer to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others when we say online. This idea is to position your brand as the leader in your niche.

You can redefine your marketing strategy with social media competitor analysis tools by capitalizing on the strength identified. Do you know why this is important? If you don’t, it’s because we have over five billion users interacting on social media channels daily.

If you cannot strategize to capture leads, you will fall far behind others in your industry. We are sure you don’t want to be a backbencher.


Is Performing Competitive Analysis necessary for my business?

As we said earlier, any business that wishes to grow rapidly should not underestimate competitor analysis. It exposes you to loads of information about your audience that your competitor might not know. You can develop a befitting social media strategy to scale up your marketing processes with this insight.

Analyzing your competitor’s social media strategy equips you with ideas on the best way to organize your KPIs. It enables you to see your content position in comparison to your opponents. You can leverage the information you discover to create content that will perform well on social media.

It is understandable if you find it difficult or don’t know how to create engaging content. Innovation isn’t that simple, but social media competitor analysis will inspire you to become creative. Everyone has been recycling what is already in existence. You can be unique with the insight you gain from the analysis.

Although competitor analysis isn’t as easy as it sounds, the sure thing is it will save you a lot of money. That will happen when you employ free social media competitor analysis tools. Yes! It is possible. There are tools designed to help you perform it.



How can I perform Competitive Analysis on Social Media?

You don’t have to pay heavily to analyze the social media strategy of your competitor. You only need social media competitor analysis tools to get it done. Now, let’s show you a step-by-step guide on how you can assess your rival’s social media strategy.


Define and Itemize your Competitors

Can you assess a person without knowing anything about them? Of course not. It is essential to find brands that offer the same services as you. Once you discover that, you should also find their favorite social media sites.

You can perform Facebook competitor analysis if your target businesses are on the platform. In the same vein, using free Instagram competitor analysis tools can help you achieve the exact result.

Things you should look out for include keywords, rank in search engines, and social searches. Take note of the top performers as they are integral to organizing your KPIs. You can also discover your competitors through your audience.

How to perform social media competitive analysis in 2022

Extract Relevant Information

Assuming you have already identified the key competitors. The next thing is to dig deep to understand their social media marketing strategies. Also, you will need to visit their website and social media handles.

You have to note down several things, particularly their content types and engagement level. It is essential to be conversant with the tone in their content and the times they share them. You will learn about their marketing strategy and their response to negative comments.

Knowing if your competitors leverage influencers to reach a larger audience is also necessary.


Conduct SWOT Analysis

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to assess it. The assessment will reveal your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A thorough analysis shows when your business stands among the pack.

The internal factors such as strength and weakness are within your control. Therefore, build on your strength and weakness to enable your business to grow strong internally.

The external factors such as opportunities and threats require utmost attention because they are directly within your control. Take advantage of the opportunity and develop a cushion effect to manage the threats.


Monitor the Social Media on a Timely Basis

Yes, it should be a cycle. It does end at identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is necessary to keep gathering data because of market trends and frequent changes.

 If you want to stay up to date, the best practice is to perform quarterly a social media competitors’ analysis. It provides you will see your competitors’ performance in real-time.

Doing this helps you identify opportunities and develop a strategy to manage threats. Remember to discard obsolete indicators and add relevant data you discover while monitoring.



Becoming one of the best in your industry is not difficult. It requires using social media competitors’ analysis tools to design the right marketing strategy for your brand. Marketing isn’t the same as it used to be in the past, so you must do whatever it requires to be relevant. So, what are you waiting for? Run a check on your competitors now to gain the insight they need to grow.


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Instagram Verification: Top Benefits of getting Verified on IG

Many people, mainly social media personalities, aim to get their accounts verified on Instagram. Verification badges were originally put into someone’s account to prove that their account is a real account. Also, to help people find the real accounts of celebrities and public figures. As the use of Instagram rises (especially for famous people and businesses), many scammers are using it to create fake accounts that they use to spread fake news and sometimes get people’s personal information.

verified instagram accounts


Verification badges are indeed a great way to keep yourself safe on Social Media. But as time goes by, they become a symbol— a symbol for fame, influence, and authority. We also think that when we see a verified account, we automatically assume that it is someone famous.


For these reasons, most of us think there’s something special about having a verification badge on our profiles or getting our accounts verified. While it is true, there’s still more to learn about what a verified Instagram account can do for you.


Things that are Only Available for Verified Instagram Accounts


Helps you easily connect with your audience

If you have a verification badge, it will be easier for your fans, audience, and supporters to find you. Why?

It is because verified accounts are prioritized on the search results. To add, it would be easier to know that they are interacting with your real account as well (considering that some Instagram accounts are possibly fake).


Swipe up feature

Verified accounts are also privileged with the Swipe Up feature. The feature allows users to add their website to their IG stories and put a Swipe Up button to invite their audience. It is one of IG’s special tools that brands will surely love.


Builds trust

Only 1% of Instagram users are verified meaning that Instagram had a very strict decision process whether or not to verify the account. They consider your account’s activities, followers, relevance, and more to let people know that it is worth it to follow you.



A verified Instagram account cannot transfer ownership or modify its purpose

One of the best things you can enjoy with your verified account is that it allows you to be unique and special. Since verified badges aren’t transferable, it gives your audience the ability to see your distinction from other IG accounts. It makes your account special and reliable since it undergoes a thorough verification process.


Early Access to New Tools

Aside from the already existing tools available for verified accounts we’ve mentioned above, the Meta team will surely launch new Instagram tools to help you grow your audiences, so brace yourself for that!

Verifying your Instagram account might take time and hard work but with the special privileges you’d get after, it’s safe to say that getting your account verified is worth it.


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Facebook Verification: Benefits of being Verified on Facebook

We all get to see the white checkmark in a blue badge on most social media, especially on Facebook. And that is called the “verified badge.” But, what exactly is special with verified Facebook accounts? Read on to find out.


A verified badge will appear on our Facebook profiles and names once Facebook verifies our account. The verification badge serves as proof of a Facebook page or profile’s authenticity.


With the number of people creating fan and poser accounts, this verification badge helps us determine if we are interacting with a real account. And aside from that, there are also things only verified Facebook accounts could do!


This article will give you a list of features and functionalities available only for verified Facebook accounts.


Things that are Only Available for Verified Facebook Accounts

verified Facebook accounts


1. A verified page or profile cannot transfer ownership or modify its purpose

One of the best things you can enjoy with your verified account is security. Since a verified Facebook page or profile cannot transfer ownership or modify its purpose, you can guarantee that your account is secured.


Facebook will still allow you to do minor modifications, but you have to note this:

“Facebook name, category, and bio updates are reviewed before they’re posted.” On top of that, if you wish to transfer ownership, you may lose your badge.


2. Verified profiles are prioritized in search results

Your profile appears first when people try to look for profiles or pages in your category with a verified badge. It helps your target audience find you easily while ensuring that they are interacting with your real account.


3. Facebook’s local alerts feature.

This feature is currently available only to local government, public health agencies, and first responder pages in the US and selected cities in Australia. Its goal is to help the government maintain a safe community. And this is one of Facebook’s features that only verified accounts could use.

If your Facebook account or profile is verified as government, state/local emergency response agency, state/local public health agency, or state/local law enforcement, you are eligible to access Facebook’s local alerts feature.



4. Access to branded content tool

Indeed, account verification allows you to do more with your Facebook page and profile. Aside from safety and security functionalities, verified Facebook profiles and pages can also access the Branded Content Tool.

Brand Content Tools is one of the monetization tools by Facebook which allows you to create posts that feature third-party sponsors, brands, or products. This feature allows you to collaborate with brands and even earn income by featuring them on your page.


5. Early Access to New Tools

Aside from the existing tools available for verified accounts mentioned above, Facebook will indeed launch new tools to help you grow your audiences, so brace yourself for that!

Having your profile or pages verified by Facebook can indeed make a huge difference in how you handle and grow your audiences. It gives you access to tools that are not available to regular Facebook users helping you grow faster on Social Media. We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about verified Facebook accounts.


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Facebook Media Portal: What You Need To Know About Facebook Partner Portals

There’s no doubt that Facebook and Instagram are some of the top social media applications used by marketers and content creators to connect and engage with their audience, market, and supporters. On the other hand, it is also used by many for personal and entertainment purposes. Let’s see what the Facebook Media Partner Support Portal is all about.

facebook media partner

As of now, according to Facebook’s most recent investor’s report, their user count grow by up to 2.895 billion every month while Instagram has 1.393 billion active users as of 2022. With this growing number of users, it is not impossible that they encounter issues and problems while using the app.


And that’s where the Facebook Media Partner Support Portal comes in.



What is a Facebook Media Partner Support Portal?

Facebook Media Partner Support portal is the perfect place where you can find assistance from Meta’s Media Team. You can send all of your account inquiries to them directly and expect a response within 2 business days. Once your request is submitted, you can always track its progress in the support inbox. In addition to that, you can also browse the portal for common questions regarding the application features.


Yes, Facebook Media Partner Support is a one-stop place where you can get answers to all of your account questions but there are conditions you should note before submitting your requests to them.


Guidelines Before You Submit Facebook Media Partner Support Request


Requests on behalf of friends and family, will not be supported:

Take note that you can only send requests on behalf of public figures, media organizations, and related businesses. You cannot send on behalf of people who are personally related to you.


Only authorized representatives should submit a request:

Sending in requests on behalf of people and organizations that you are not affiliated with is strictly prohibited.


Observe honesty:

Meta team wants your transparency and accuracy so make sure that all of the information you’ll send is true and correct. It will affect the progress of your request.


Observe respect:

Unless you have new information that might help you improve your case, kindly refuse to resubmit your request.


Here are some prohibited actions that you should also keep in mind:


  • Submitting fake documents and information.
  • Pretending that you’re a Meta employee.
  • Using Media Partner Support Portal to gain money.
  • Resubmitting a request in less than 30 days after your previous submission.


Learn more about the guidelines here.


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How to Leverage Press in Your Sales Cycle | USE PRESS AND MARKETING TO GENERATE SALES

The ultimate goal of marketing is to convert leads into customers that is why sales and marketing are always correlated. But oftentimes, the projection of the way we do marketing tips slightly on the other side than where we aim it for. Read on to find out how to use press and marketing to generate sales.

Whether you are a B2B, B2C, or D2C business, there should always be a strategic way of placing your marketing campaigns and media releases to cover not just an extensive reach of audience but also to align with the business goals and vision.


You should incorporate press and media into your marketing to leverage the number of sales you can gain.


Content Strategy

As they say, Content is King. Your audience always consumes information through the content you share on social media. Photos, videos, articles, or even simple text can attract and go viral if placed in the right time and position.


Paid Ads

Paid ads is no doubt an effective way to use press and marketing to generate sales. Sometimes, even if we grow organically without problems, doing paid advertising can definitely boost the outreach of your brand. The way to effectively promote is to target the people outside your organic advertising in order to maximize the cost and its revenue.


Email Marketing

Email campaigns are one of the general ways to grow your audience and do sales. It is like having a pen pal where you send relative information about your business and your industry while also giving them the opportunity to connect and experience your products.



If you haven’t started with building relationships, then you should do it now. Having partnerships and collaboration with other brands give you the opportunity to tap into the audience, not within your target market but potentially interested to buy from you.


“PR is a sales job. We’re in the business of selling clients’ stories and ideas to publications.”, is an interesting way to look at press and sales side by side from SHIFT Vice President Cathy Summers.


In hindsight, there is a tiny gap between PR and Sales as both deal with audience, prospects, leads, and opportunities. The only thing that separates them is how you strategically position your media activities to convert them into closed deals and buyers. (source)


Now that you know what the areas are to place your PR to generate sales, here’s how you can help to amplify more of your marketing efforts.


Lead Magnets

Everyone always likes free stuff, right? But the way you can be unique out of all the things you give for free online is to give them a resource like PDF, checklist, video, etc. that already gives them incredible value and they can use it in their lives immediately.



Happy customers and satisfied clients are a free marketing tool. You can use their word-of-mouth power to influence other people to buy products from your brand. They are living evidence that what you say reflects in what you do.



These wins and growth are your way to increasing the credibility of your brand. May it be applied content or granted voluntarily to your business, it creates a huge impact not just to your customers but on other brands as well that can lead to more partnerships and increased revenue.


We have seen how to use press and marketing to generate sales in this article, next, is taking the needed action. There is still a fine line between press and sales which can overlap and be overlooked. The way you can effectively create a continuous sales funnel is to start with a plan of action in building your press and media approach, and how you can cross-promote in between.


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How to Get Verified on Social Media with Press?

Countless brands and businesses have already been connected to media in some ways. Maybe through TV, news, online, partnerships, interviews, and many more. Now, it is more common in the form of social media and networking sites. In this article, we’ll quickly walk you through how to use Press to get verified in social media.


When doing your marketing, it is important to see that your brand events and campaigns are well covered in social media. One of the ways you can do this is by including press releases in your marketing strategy.


What is a press release?

How to Use Press to Get Verified in Social Media

A press release is a public announcement usually given to newspapers, television, and magazines to report an official statement from the business about a new product, service improvement, new partnership, etc.


Modern media releases, to be honest, are better than the previous, traditional ways of doing press releases as you can get more creative with how you can share to your audience how well your brand is doing in your industry.


Leverage your social media credibility by including press in your marketing strategy.


Active exposure to customers

Press should be part of your content strategy to inform your audience and potential buyers why they should trust you and how they can benefit from your products. Use it as a pivot point to drive traffic from your press releases to your sales funnel.


Enhance visibility

This is one of the best ways to use Press to get verified in social media. SEO or search engine optimization is one way to increase the reach of your brand and by using press, you are more likely to boost your brand’s search ranks because of the relativity of your content.


Show market and niche expertise

Press releases are not only for announcements but rather can also be used to present case studies done by the brand. Research and development can show your knowledge of your products as well as the concepts and technologies behind your offers.


Bring authenticity to your brand

Partnerships, awards, and recent discoveries in your industry are also part of the authenticity you are building for your brand. Customers are attracted more to the growth and strategies of the brand which makes them decide to buy from you.


Achieve brand authority

When you have press integrated into your marketing, it brings a higher level of impact to other brands within your industry where your brand becomes the standard of workmanship and leadership.


To start with your press marketing, outline your content by answering the following guideline questions.


  • What is my press release about?
  • Why is it relevant to my audience?
  • Do I have vital information I can share?
  • What impact am I trying to create?
  • How did we start with this topic?


Now, you have known how to use Press to get verified in social media. Your goal in press marketing is to get the word about your brand out there as far away as possible. Therefore, the farther your brand awareness goes, the higher the power you have gained to influence other brands. Also, the greater are your chances of getting verified on social media. Whether it is in Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, your brand can use the power of press to catapult its credibility to achieve the verified badge.


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2022 Social Media Verification Requirements: What You Need to get Verified

People nowadays browse through social media to learn new knowledge on the brands and influencers they follow. One of the things they usually look after is the verification badge beside the profile name. Therefore, let’s take a look at some Social Media Verification Requirements.


So, what is a verification badge?


A verification badge is a symbol, usually a checkmark or a blue circle that is shown on the left or right side of your social media profile name and is used to make their profiles stand out from fake ones and dummy accounts. It is commonly seen in high-profiled celebrities, brands with a huge following, and government institutions and officials.


Unfortunately, these verification badges are not easy to get. In fact, it is hard-earned credibility and is given to those accounts with proven quality, trust, and reliability in the information they share online.


If you want to get the social media verification for your profile, these are the three aspects you should look at to increase your chances:



The social media app verification team needs to know that your account is a real person or business. Thus, building the trust between the user and the platform is the first factor that will (hopefully) get you the winning hand. Since the verification badge is used to note real accounts from fake ones, the legitimacy of your account lies in the ways you can prove it may be through business documents, identity cards, history of workmanship, and such.



Verification teams look at your activities within the account as well. If you are after the verification badge, you have to engage with your audience through liking, reacting, and commenting back on their comments. Regular content updates also count as an activity with quality information and attractive media.



Regular content updates don’t mean you need to post whatever you want every day. Keep in mind that there are still guidelines for content posting. The general idea here is that your content should be factual enough to be backed with reliable sources as needed; it should not degrade nor discriminate against anyone or anything in the platform and should never be involved in any unlawful acts. As a content creator, it is your responsibility to share valuable things on these social media platforms.



Many social media platforms offer a verification badge, and it comes in different formats and styles. The most common is the blue checkmark which is visible on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Also, some other forms follow the platform’s branding, like a yellow circle for Snapchat, a violet checkmark for Twitch, and a red checkmark for Pinterest.


The general requirement to have your account verified is to have the following information.


  • Identification Document of the Person or the Business (i.e. driver’s license, tax report, utility bill, etc)
  • Profile or Page Category (i.e. news/media, sports, government, etc)
  • Country/region of operation
  • Audience Profile (who is following your page)
  • External resources (press marketing, interviews, features, etc)
  • Certain number for followers/likes (depending on the platform)


– Facebook

 Social Media Verification Requirements: HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO GET VERIFIED ON SOCIAL MEDIA

Facebook is the most used platform with millions of users around the world. It is a built-in one site where users can share photos and videos. Users can also share short captions, live streaming, community groups, and even a marketplace for merchants.


The infamous blue checkmark can be yours by simply following their guidelines here.



– Instagram

Instagram is the most hailed platform for image and video content sharing. It is one of the platforms that people seek to get to know about their brands. People also get inspiration from the “instagrammable” ways of getting high engagement on their content.


Add that blue checkmark on your account by knowing their guidelines.




– YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing contents online where users engage by watching videos and shorts (YouTube’s version of Stories). Users also use this platform to conduct live streaming for webinars, gaming, and others.


If you want to get your YouTube Channel verified, watch this video




– Pinterest

 Social Media Verification Requirements: HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO GET VERIFIED ON SOCIAL MEDIA

Pinterest is an image-sharing platform where users publish pins and boards that serve as their profile homepages. Creators often use these pins and boards to get inspiration for the project they’re working on like art, interior, pattern, textile, DIY, smart hacks, etc.


Get your Pinterest account verified by reading this article




– Twitter


Twitter is a microblogging and social networking site. It also allows people to enjoy their freedom to get instant access to updates, provide bits of information, and share their personal updates. Furthermore, it is easy to consume the content of this platform as it is short and brief that’s why people can spend hours browsing through this website.


A Twitter Badge can get you credibility and you can get on here too.




– TikTok

 Social Media Verification Requirements: HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO GET VERIFIED ON SOCIAL MEDIA

One of the fast-emerging platforms since last year is TikTok where users also consume short and brief content but in video format. It is an endless relay of videos from different content creators that usually use trending music as their background and filters to use for their actual content.


Though there is no application process, here’s what you can do to get TikTok Verification.



Take advantage of the Social Media Verification tips that we have discussed in this article to get your profile verified with ease.



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How to Build Brand Authority with Press?

If you are a growing brand and looking for your business to scale in different ways, you have probably heard the phrase “brand authority”.

But what exactly is brand authority?

Brand Authority is the power to bring obedience to your brand and the industry you serve. It is the influence you spread and the advocacy you promote to your audience. If you establish it right, you’ll not only be the talk of the town, you’ll leave an impact on other brands as well.


A good brand with high authority is seen as the leader of the niche industry they are in. It becomes the standard of how other brands should go with their press and marketing.


Few of the brands that have proven high brand authority are:


  • Adobe Photoshop – the word Photoshop is used colloquially as a verb meaning “to edit” a design, photo, or video.
  • Vaseline – the word Vaseline is used to interchange with the term “petroleum jelly”
  • Walmart – a one-stop-shop providing affordable goods while strategically being closed to communities for their customers to reach them easily

Brand authority


It may seem overwhelming as the brands who already have the authority are huge businesses and they usually belong to the Fortune500 but you don’t have to be an expensive brand to gain authority.


One word to ignite your brand authority is awareness.


Your brand should pop up in all the channels it is suited for. For example, if you are a software company, GitHub and Reddit can be a space where you can interact and make your brand known. If you are an interior designer, Pinterest and Instagram can be suited for you to share your best artworks and photos.


Brand Awareness in simple terms is making your audience aware your brand exists. Be where your customer is. Once you get your placement in your customers, then you can now convert “awareness” to “authority”.


Create a strategy

Understanding that planning how your brand goes should be the first step to get clarity and direction on where you want it to be.

  • How do I position my brand in the market?
  • When is the right time to promote?
  • Is there a need to niche down the brand?



Invest in marketing

Technology is evolving and so are your consumer behaviors. Most consumers nowadays have access to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also have onsite fairs and bazaars to personally meet your customers.

  • What should I post about my brand?
  • Why should I spend time on social media?
  • Should I appear in news, TV, or articles?



Show your Expertise

One of the important aspects of having a brand is your advocacy of why it exists in the first place. You need to show your consumers that you know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it. It is your way to be the leader of your own industry


  • Build exposure through social media
  • Share the why’s and how’s of your products
  • Invite podcast shows and pages to feature your brand



Present the best quality


Your brand solely relies on the products you offer. It is one factor that makes your customers buy from you. If your offer sucks, then all will go downhill from there.


  • Provide live demonstrations of products
  • Acquire testimonials and features from your clients/customers
  • Send your products to review companies



Gain trust from your consumer

The goal is to make your visitors into buyers into loyal customers. But it is a crucial part that can make or break your business. People need to see that whatever you say your brand is, you are able to present it clearly to your customers.


  • Join trade shows, fairs, bazaars, and marketplaces
  • Reach out to niche blogs and influencers
  • Create live demonstrations of your products


Brand Authority is an investment built over time and the return can be fruitful if done right. Your brand should focus on how you can earn this reputation.


  • Create publicity announcements for new products, store openings, etc
  • Invest in partnerships and business collaborations
  • Shout Out all the wins and awards you have earned
  • Make the founder/CEO advocate their vision for the brand


Now that you have started to convert your awareness to authority, make sure that whatever you do within or outside the brand, is well exposed in your marketing activities.


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Ultimate Guide to Facebook video ads 2022

It’s not news anymore that video is one of the best performing content across social media. As a marketer or a brand, it is necessary to understand Facebook video ads to engage more audiences. Unconsciously, people spend hours on Facebook carried away with watching videos.

A forecast by Cisco showed that online videos would generate over 80% of traffic for brands using Facebook Instream ads. This implication is that video marketing will increase brand awareness than other content types. So, if you want your products and services to go far and wide, adopt Facebook video ads.

If you are thinking about how to go about it, we design the guide to provide you with insights to get started.


Key Takeaway

Facebook video ads is a marketing strategy that involves creating dynamic visual content to deliver your brand’s message to audiences. It is an efficient tool to grab audience attention and boost web traffic. Facebook video ads also increase conversion rates. Effective video ads must meet some criteria such as file type, ratio, duration, and file size before.

Ultimate Guide to Facebook video ads 2022


Why Should you Consider Facebook Video Ads?

Businesses have been advertising their products and services before the advent of social media. Publicity and promotion of goods took a new turn since digital marketing hit the center stage. And with social media platforms having over 60 million users combined, it means your target audience is online.

The exciting part is that Facebook offers the best tools for marketing among the social media platforms. The Facebook platform has not less than two billion users streaming videos on it. That presents an opportunity for brands to engage their audience through informative and entertaining video ads.

Additionally, Facebook video ads offer brands a unique way to engage with their audience. According to social media marketing statistics, about 50% of online users follow a brand because they want to see their video content on social media. That shows your brand stands a chance to reach a wider audience.


How Do Facebook Video Ads Work?

If you have been on Facebook recently to see random videos pop onto your screen, it means you saw a brand’s advert. Digital marketers target some indicators to make that possible. You saw the ads because your likes are part of their metrics to get to their potential customers.

You can do the same for your business. We are confident it will generate tremendous results based on our experience and available data. However, you must understand that Facebook video ads are not free. Before you can have your videos appear in users’ timelines on Facebook, you need to run paid ads.

You can create and upload videos in your ads manager. Also, if you have a video already uploaded to your page, you can boost it using Facebook video ads.


How can a Business Benefit from Facebook Video Ads?

There are numerous ways brands can leverage videos to grow their business. The most significant is capturing online users’ attention at first glance. If your video is captivating enough, your audience will be willing to spend hours watching it.

A survey on video marketing revealed Facebook users spend not less than 100 million hours watching videos daily. Among these videos, about 46% of them passed clear information across within the first four seconds. We discovered that more than 70% delivered the message within 10 seconds.

It speaks volumes of what your brand can do with Facebook video ads. If you aren’t sure of the advantages yet, below are what you will gain from advertising through this channel:

  • Create awareness for your brand
  • Tell the world about your brand’s proposed values
  • Catches audience attention for engagement
  • Increases your brand’s value
  • Educate potential customers than text and images



Creating a Facebook Video Ad for your Brand?

You already know what Facebook video ads have in the bag for your brand. Let’s walk you through how you can create one with Ads manager.


Have a Clear Objective

It is essential to have a problem you want to solve before initiating a campaign. Understandably, every business is out there to offer solutions. However, identifying the pressing needs of your audience can help you develop the right campaign objective.


An established business can have engagement and conversions as its campaign objectives. A start-up, on the other hand, may consider traffic and awareness. Any brand can choose to tell its brand story using video advertising.

If you can determine this, creating a befitting video for that purpose won’t be a problem. If your brand has a robust customer base, you can target getting more views on your page.


Specify your Audience

A campaign will be successful only if it gets to those who can relate to the advert. That is why Facebook offers you sufficient filters to target users. Therefore, you must identify the people that align with your business and campaign objectives.

Facebook allows you to select filters as much as you want to ensure you reach your target audience. The good thing about it is that Facebook will charge you only when your prospective customers engage you.


Choose where to see your Video Ads

You can specify the areas on Facebook where you want your videos to appear. It could be a news feed, stories, marketplace, or other pages on the platform. It’s okay if you don’t know how to do it. That is why the automatic placement option is available.

By automating the placement of your ad, the Facebook algorithm places the videos in suitable places. You can adjust and redefine the options later when you see how your content performs.


Create the Video

Now that you have other things set, video creation comes next. Every video must meet requirements if you want them to come out well. Expectations differ from one customer to another, so it is crucial to create high-quality videos.

To avoid making mistakes, check old videos to see how they perform. Things to note include the format, video quality, and engagement rate. The reviews from previous sales should guide you when making a new video.


Run A/B tests

If you have a series of campaigns you run to achieve the same marketing objective, you can test to see the top performers. That way, you can try another video option if one is not converting as expected.

Keep doing this until you can boost high-converting video ads that tell a lot about your brand. You can also try Facebook in-stream ads and run an A/B test to see its performance.



Creating Facebook video ads has a lot of potential for every business. Statistics showed its relevance to marketing strategies in contemporary times. If you aren’t using it already, now is the time to start. Facebook has all the tools you need to succeed with your marketing campaigns. Take the necessary steps now and see how the story changes for your brand.


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